Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Republicans Seize Control of House...Democrates hold on to Senate...

Needed for Majority: 218
Control of House
167 224
Net ChangeREP +49
Party Before Now
D 256 167
R 179 224
I - -
Needed for Majority: 51
Control of Senate
51 46
Net ChangeREP +6
Party Before Now
D 57 49
R 41 46
I 2 2

Rand Paul: 'A Day Of Reckoning'...

Incumbet County Commissioner and CO Clerk re-elected...

County Clerk Lietzow wins easily (approx. 68%), while Commissioner Jost wins (approx. 60%) with large vote margin in southern half of County.

Hermann Middle School First Quarter Honor Roll

4th Grade –Korinna Bickmeyer, Kyle Bruckerhoff, Brianna Cornman, Karlie Eldringhoff, Austin Ellis, Haley Gale, Jacob Giles, Thomas Hagedorn, Thomas Henson, Mary Keiser, Calli Kernen, Abigail Krueger, Samuel Krull, Brendan Leibach;    Madison McDaris, Tyler Minks, Chase Racherbaumer, Audrey Robertson, Tyler Rutledge, Peyton Schafer, Mason S c h e i b l e , R h e t Scheidegger, Avery Sherrow, Alicia Smith, Baylee Starke, Jada Sutton, Andrew Warfield, Joseph Weber, Bailey Whithaus, Terrance Williams.       

5th Grade – Gregory Bader, Kimberly Barr, Ian Baumstark, Noah Boyer, Cody Bruckerhoff, Timothy Byers, Jesse Cable, Evan Eldringhoff;    Tessa Eldringhoff, Jesse Embrey, Mikale Eslinger, Madalyn Finders, Symantha Fredrick, Alyssa Gale, Madison Gard, Bridget Gleeson, Casey Gleeson, Brooke Grosse, Cecelia Heil, Haley Hingst, Grace Hoener, Cody Horn, Regan Horstmann, Cameron Humphreys, Lexi Isaak, Justice Kiderlin, Maria Krull, John Lensing, Jamie Limberopoulos, Madison Miller, Charles Moody, Billee Page, Caitlin Pottebaum, Raven Radosh, Dylan Redwine, Brianna Rucker, Colter Scheible, Emmett Scheible, Craig Schluss, Makinna Schneider, Alana   Seamon, Ashley Smith, Laura Smith, Rachel Swayze, Colin Taylor, Elissa Thurman, Destinee Tidwell and Sophia Winters.     

6th Grade – Julie Anderson, Candice Boehmer, Carly Brown, Malorie Deeken, Allison   Edwards, Madelyn Eldringhoff, Marissa Grannemann, Matthew Heidger, Ross Henson, Heather Hofmeister, Michaela Hubbard, Gregory Jacquin, Sarah Keiser, Gunnar Krull, Tyler Kuhn, Shyan McKee, Isaac McMahan, Travis Minks, Andrew Niiro, Daelynn Payne, Olivia Pohlmann, David Robertson, Kaitlin Rohlfing, Katherine Rose and Claire Schneider.     

7th Grade – Jacob Bockting, Shania Branson, Isaac Brooks, Dakota Eikermann, Kaylee Eldringhoff, Brittany Godat, Cameron Hackmann, Katrina Hagedorn, Colton Hale, Trevor Hartman, RoseMarie Hill, Heather Hingst, Kayla Huelskamp, Donnita Johnson, John Keiser; Conner Lane,   Madalyn Lensing, Elijah Mure, Marshall Mure, Justin Penn-Lavely, Madyson, Rolfes, Joshua Schroer, Quentin Starke, Taylor Stutzman, Victoria Tidwell, Nicolas Todd, Grant Uthlaut, Tiera Walkenbach and Kyle Walker.     

8th Grade – Hunter Birkenstock, Dakota Finders, Rachel Florence, Blake Gleeson, Levi Gleeson, Payton Grannemann, Amanda Hanger, Carly Heil, Colten Hubbard, Kara Hughes, Nathaniel Kallmbah, John Knudsen, Emily Kunz, Veronica Laboube, Britany   Lansford, Devin Minks, Nicole Parrott, Victoria Roodhouse, Tesla Ruediger, Makayla Schmidt, Arthur Schneider, Madison Schneider, Makaley Schneider, Ashton Smith, Kody Thompson, Hannah Weaver and Hunter Wilkinson.

Gasconade Use Tax (Internet Tax) Soundly Defeated...AGAIN...

 The Use Tax (Internet Tax) was defeated soundly - 67% No vote!!!

Secretary of State's voter database has been unavailable all day

 The Secretary of State's voter database has been out all Election Day, according to a spokeswoman for the office.
The database, required by federal law, keeps track of all voters information and is normally accessed by both voters and county clerks on Election Day to verify voting registration, status, and polling places.
"The database itself is fine. We're having issues allowing Internet access to it," said Laura Egerdal, a spokeswoman for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Democrat running for U.S. Senate against Republican Roy Blunt.
"For almost all voters, you should be able to vote and it won't be a problem," Egerdal said.
But poll watchers working for Carnahan's opponent, Roy Blunt, suggested the snafu could create a "huge mess."
. Click Here for more info.

Voting turn-out so far...moderate...Internet Sales Tax on County Ballot

 County level
Presiding Commissioner
County Clerk
 State level:Proposition A - city earnings taxes
Proposition B - "puppy mills"
Amendment 3 - real estate fees
State Senate, District 16 - Barnitz vs. Brown
State Representative, District 112 - Loehner vs. Schaeperkoetter
State Representative, District 111 - DeVeydt vs. Schatz
Federal level:U.S. Senate - Carnahan vs. Blunt

Is this another example of an Missouri Puppy Mill?

 At about 6:30 p.m. last night, after fire had been raging and smoke had filled the house at 742 Main St. in Morrison for more than an hour and a half, a Morrison firefighter emerged from the weakened building with a puppy...a live puppy....
. Click Here for more info.
.LINK TO HOME OWNWERS...Facebook page...

Sammy Hagar...Red Rocker...Whole Lotta Zeppelin

As Requested...Here you Go...

Trick or treater finds lost wedding ring in candy

A Washington, D.C. trick or treater walked away with candy and a wedding ring from one house.

Is Astrology Rubbish?

Look at the statistics and you'll see that there are more people now than ever before who read their star signs in the daily news. We live in a time that is more scientifically aware than any other period in history and yet people still believe the stars and planets can determine their fate.
Interestingly, astronomy and astrology share the same origins; in fact it's accurate to say that astrology came first. Ancient civilizations tried to find sense in the happenings in the sky and attribute them to their lives.
. Click Here for more info.
Close up shot of astrological clock in Piazza San Marco, Venice .
A close up of the astrological clock in Piazza San Marco, Venice. 12 signs of the zodiac are depicted.

Dollar sinks before 'busiest week in decades'

The dollar hit a 15-year low point against the yen on Monday and sank against the euro ahead of "the busiest week in decades" during which the US Federal Reserve could announce fresh stimulus measures. Financial markets will focus on major interest rate decisions from across the world, as well as mid-term elections and key jobs data in the United States, traders said.
"The busiest event week in decades gets started with a weaker dollar," said analyst Kathleen Brooks at online trading site Forex.com.
"Market angst is likely to reach fever pitch this week as we lead up to no less than five central bank meetings, mid-term elections in the US and a non-farm payroll report on Friday.
"A week packed full of so much event risk is a rare thing in the financial markets, and the dollar has started as it left off on Friday -- trading with an air of nervousness," Brooks added.
The dollar plunged to 80.22 yen in Asian trade, nearing its lowest level since World War II, as US data bolstered expectations of further credit easing, dealers said.
. Click Here for more info.

Morrison fire chief says homeowner a licensed dog rescuer...

Morrison fire chief say she was "a licensed dog rescuer.". Click Here for more info.

Blues off to one of best starts in team history

The St. Louis Blues are off to their third best start in team history, finishing the month of October with a 6-1-2 record and 14 points.
. Click Here for more info.

Video from Blues practice November 1.

Giant sinkhole opens up in Germany...

A giant sinkhole opened up in a residential area of the town of Schmalkalden, Germany, Monday, causing no injuries but forcing the evacuation of 25 people. 

 Officials from Schmalkalden, a town of 20,000 that was formerly part of East Germany say that they plan to fill the hole with gravel.

. Click Here for more info.

Election Day: Democratic Party control in peril...

The Democratic Congress that enacted President Barack Obama's far-reaching health care law and plowed staggering sums into economic relief is at risk Tuesday in an election that promises to shake up the political order across the nation.
 . Click Here for more info.

17 dogs rescued in house fire...Begs the question...why so many dogs...

About 17 dogs have been accounted for -- 15 in cages and at least two running loose in the streets of Morrison.
...sister of the homeowner claims there were 27 dogs at this residence, most or all of them inside the house...

. Click Here for full story.
.PLEASE NOTE: viewers beware, video my be considered disturbing.
.Click here for video link.

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