Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

"What's your sign ?" Horoscope Zodiac Signs Change ? So-Called 13th Sign Suggested


Zodiac Signs Change?

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Tricia Romano Fri Jan 14

A story that the astrological chart has shifted, changing many people's signs, has caused panic. But calm down! "Everything stays the same," says astrologist Susan Miller.
Never has the question, "What's your sign?" been the subject of so much controversy. Ever since Parke Kunkle, an astronomer out of Minneapolis, gave an interview to a Minnesota TV station last Saturday, discussing how there's a so-called 13th sign, the oddly named Ophiuchus, the world has gone topsy-turvy.
Kunkle's revelation (which both astrologers and astronomers agree is old news) that the Earth's wobble—which has moved it 23 degrees since the Babylonians began reading the skies—means that the constellations have shifted. The news has provoked outrage and dismay from astrology fans. One blog headline even joked, "Parke Kunkle Must Die."
If only for a minute, people like Amanda Fialk, 32, of New York, had to come to terms with her newfound identity. A proud Gemini with a tattoo to prove it, she suddenly found herself contemplating her new, seemingly less scintillating life as a Taurus. "While I do not know much about astrology, I do know that I am definitely a Gemini. There is no doubt about the fact that I have two sides to my personality. In terms of being told that I am now a Taurus, from what I know about that sign, one of the main traits is that people are stubborn," she said. "I like to consider myself to be very open-minded and willing to change. Being told I am now a Taurus did not sit well."
Fialk was not alone; the news set Twitter and Facebook on fire. Astrologist Susan Miller, who has been dispensing long and detailed readings on her site astrologyzone.com since 1995, where she says gets 18 million page views a month, says she was getting her nails done when her iPhone started "popping like popcorn. I've never seen so many instant messages on the face of it. I couldn't keep up with them all." In quick succession, she filmed appearances on Good Morning America, CNN, and Fox and Friends, to dispel the notion that the Zodiac was changing, and—it seems—talk the entire nation off a ledge.
"Everything stays the same," she said. "This is so not new!" she said of "equinox precession," which has caused the Earth to shift gently from where it was thousands of years ago. "I got this feeling that scientists are trying to debunk astrology as if to say, 'Oh you are so silly, you don't even know your own sign, but we have been studying this for years. It's in my book Planets and Possibilities—I wrote that 10 years ago."
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A new report contends that our understanding of the zodiac signs are off by about a month. Some folks are outraged thinking their sign has changed. Do you believe in your astrological sign?


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