Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missouri Blogger Claiming "Political Payback" FBI Intimidation VIDEO


Clay Bowler
Thursday, January 13, 2011
By: Donna Osborn, editor donnao@ccheadliner.com
Local blogger Clay Bowler said newly-elected 7th District Rep. Billy Long has tried to silence him before. And, after the FBI paid him a visit at his Ozark home Jan. 12, he thinks he’s trying to do it again.
“It’s political payback,” Bowler said after visiting Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle Jan. 13 apprising him of the FBI investigation.
Bowler writes the Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom blog and said he’s been critical of Long since his candidacy for Congress. Bowler is also the author of the Long is Wrong blog that’s been gone since Long won the general election in November.
“I’ve poked fun at Billy,” Bowler said. “Part of it was satire—exposing Billy as not being a real Tea Party candidate.”
Bowler said Long even offered him a job on his campaign if he would give up his critical blogging.
Bowler was accompanied to the Sheriff’s Department by Michael Wardell, Nixa, who was also on the Republican primary ticket. Wardell said he just wanted to support his friend in what he believes to be intimidation.
“Clay is a friend,” he said. “This almost smacks of an overreach of power.”
Kyle said he was unaware that an FBI agent, along with Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, paid a 30-minute visit to Bowler, but cautioned against an overreaction.
“This could be a knee-jerk reaction to the Tucson situation,” he said. “If you satisfy them you’re not a threat—they won’t be back.”
Bowler’s complaint comes on the heels of another developing news story about Long.
KSMU, Ozark’s Public Radio, reported Jan. 12 that Scott Eckersley, who opposed Long as a Democrat, said a campaign fraud complaint made by Eckersley in the last days of the election cycle is formally being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.
That complaint sprang from a fake e-mail sent to media, including the Headliner News, that Eckersley had quit the campaign just short of election day.
Eckersley said he filed two complaints—one with the Department of Justice and one with the Federal Elections Committee.
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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories Week Ending January 14, 2011


FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending January 14, 2011

Washington, D.C. January 14, 2011
  • FBI National Press Office

  1. Phoenix: Initial Appearance for Jared Lee Loughner
    The United States Attorney for the District of Arizona announced that Jared Lee Loughner, the suspect in the Tucson shooting investigation, made his initial appearance in federal court. Loughner remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing. Full Story
  2. New York: Abdel Nur Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Providing Material Support to the Conspiracy to Commit a Terrorist Attack at JFK Airport

    Abdel Nur was sentenced to 15 years in prison for providing material support to the conspiracy to attack JFK International Airport by exploding fuel tanks and the fuel pipeline under the airport. Full Story
  3. Los Angeles: Former Chase Bank Official Convicted of Taking Bribes and Disclosing Existence of a Suspicious Activity Report
    Frank Mendoza, a former official with Chase Bank, was found guilty of disclosing confidential information to a borrower whose potentially fraudulent conduct triggered a suspicious activity report, and soliciting thousands of dollars in bribes from the borrower in exchange for assisting the borrower with the possible criminal investigation.  Full Story
  4. Cleveland: Thirty People Accused in Large-Scale Heroin Trafficking Ring
    A jury returned a 110-count indictment against 30 individuals accused of running a large-scale heroin trafficking ring that brought the drugs from various points in the United States. Full Story
  5. Headquarters: FBI Releases Bank Crime Statistics for Third Quarter 2010
    During the third quarter of 2010, there were 1,325 reported violations of the Federal Bank Robbery and Incidental Crimes Statute, an increase from the 1,212 reported violations in the same quarter of 2009. Full Story
  6. Albuquerque: Navajo Man Receives Life Sentence for Murder of Common-Law Wife
    Nathan Don Jack, an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, was sentenced to life in prison based on his second degree murder conviction. He was convicted of murdering Jessica Shorty, his common-law wife and the mother of his three children. Full Story
  7. San Juan: Seventeen Individuals Indicted for Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Oxycodone

    A jury indicted 17 individuals as a result of an investigation by multiple federal agencies and the Puerto Rico Police Department. The defendants are charged in a 19-count indictment with conspiracy to possess and possession with intent to distribute Oxycodone.  Full Story
  8. San Diego: Border Corruption Task Force Arrests Border Patrol Agent
    U.S. Border Patrol Agent Marcos Gerardo Manzano, Jr. and Jose Alfredo Garrido-Morena were arrested as a result of an investigation conducted by the Border Corruption Task Force. Full Story
  9.  Newark: Former Chairman and CEO of Home Diagnostics Inc. and Cohort Charged in Multi-State Insider Trading Scheme

    The former chairman and CEO of publicly-traded Home Diagnostics Inc. surrendered, along with a co-conspirator, to face charges arising from their alleged participation in an insider trading scheme. Full Story
  10. San Francisco: Taiwan HannStar Executive Indicted for Role in LCD Price Fixing Conspiracy

    An indictment was returned against the current president of HannStar Display Corporation for his participation in a global conspiracy to fix prices of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display panels. Full Story

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Hagedorn Collision Repair to Begin Full-Time Towing Service - Hermann Missouri, Gasconade County and Surrounding Area

24/7 SERVICE - 573-486-5745 _____________________________________________________________________________

Hagedorn Collision Repair has begun full-time towing service, as of, January 12, 2011. 

Larry Hagedorn will have 2 full time drivers and 4 part time drivers. Larry also says Jeff Arnold, a former employee, is returning to work for Hagedorn's tomorrow and will be available for full-time driving duties at that time.

They also have several motor clubs already signed on and will be adding more to their list to tow for.

Remember Hagedorn Collision Repair for your repair and now Full-Time Towing needs!

Available for all types of towing and service calls. Reasonable rates and quick responds.

Hagedorn Collision Repair 
Larry Hagedorn - Owner
1323 S Highway 19 Hermann
Business number/dispatch - 573-486-5745.

24/7 SERVICE - 573-486-5745 

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Missouri Gasconade County 2011 budget nearly finalized $132,875 “to the good right now”


County’s 2011 budget nearly finalized, public inspection scheduled Jan. 18

12 January 2011  Dave Marner gasconadecountyrepublican.com

Gasconade County’s 2011 operating budget will undergo any final changes Thursday when commissioners meet at 8:30 a.m. in Hermann. County Clerk Lesa Lietzow said Monday the budget was reworked slightly that morning  during a scheduled workshop.
Meeting this past Thursday in at Owensville City Hall, Lietzow told the commissioners that anticipated sales tax revenues for 2011 have been lowered from a high of $830,000 to $825,000. The county received $819,000 in sales taxes in 2010 when they had budgeted for only $800,000. She noted the “biggest boost in expenses” was their decision late last year to pay for the increases in employee health insurance coverage.
She told commissioners their General Revenue budget for 2011 shows $132,875 “to the good right now” when comparing what was actually spent in 2010 to what was requested for 2011. “It works,” she said. “It’s amazing.”
Lietzow said each department was made aware of the need for continued diligence in spending and noted many of the discretionary funds had taken a hit last year as each office attempted to stretch what money was available.
. Click Here to Read More.

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NFL Playoff Schedule - TV Listings St Louis Missouri UPDATED VIDEO PREVIEW



1. Atlanta 13-3
2. Chicago 11-5
3. Philadelphia 11-5 Lost Wild Card
4. Seattle 7-9 Won Wild Card
5. New Orleans 12-4 Lost Wild Card
6. Green Bay 10-6 Won Wild Card

1. New England 14-2
2. Pittsburgh 12-4
3. Indianapolis 10-6 Lost Wild Card
4. Kansas City 10-6 Lost Wild Card
5. Baltimore 12-4 Won Wild Card
6. NY Jets 11-5 Won Wild Card

Jan. 15 games
Baltimore at Pitt., 3:30 p.m., KMOV (4)
Green Bay at Atlanta, 7 p.m., KTVI (2)
Jan. 16 games
Seattle at Chicago, noon, KTVI (2) 
NY Jets at New England, 3:30 p.m., KMOV (4)

Jan. 23

Feb. 6 • 5:30 p.m. KTVI (2)
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas







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Gerald Missouri Mayor Vetoes 2011 Budget Income Projections "unrealistically high"...


Breaking News: Gerald mayor vetoes 2011 budget

13 January 2011  Linda Trest  gasconadecountyrepublican.com

Gerald Mayor Otis Schule scrawled VETO next to his signature at the bottom of the city's proposed ordinance to accept the 2011 budget. That ordinance was expected to be approved  at tonight's meeting of the Board of Aldermen.
Schulte writes, in a letter to the aldermen, that he feels income projections are inflated, calling it "unrealistically high" considering the businesses losses the city has suffered.
. Click Here to Read More.

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Penning, Cox, Arnsmeyer, file for city council, Two more file for school board in Hermann Missouri April 2011 Election

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Two more candidates have filed for seats on the Gasconade County R-1 School Board, and three candidates have filed for Hermann City Alderman.

Last week, Brenda VanBooven and Kirk Heil filed for school board, and on Monday Bruce Cox of Hermann filed for alderman in Ward 1.  Incumbent John Penning re-filed for another term in Ward 1, Bob Arnsmeyer has also filed for Hermann Ward 1 alderman.

Arnsmeyer will run against incumbent John Penning, and Bruce Cox for the Ward 1 seat.  

Three positions are still open on the R-1 school board.

The list of school board candidates has now grown to five.

Marilyn Rethemeyer and Craig Schannuth, both current board members whose terms are up next April, have re-filed and so has Sherry Englert, who is making her second bid for a school board position.

Dr. Carl Pierce, whose term on the school board expires in April, has not re-filed.

VanBooven and Heil are both from Montgomery County.

Earlier, Brian Chorley re-filed for his Ward 2 alderman seat on the Hermann city council.

Filing for seats on the school board and the Hermann board of aldermen remain open until Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 5 p.m. 

The election is Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

Those wishing to file for the R-1 school board can do so at the administration office located at the Hermann Middle School.

Filing for the board of alderman on the Hermann City Council can be done at the Hermann city hall. 

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New postmaster General Says Fewer Questions Will Get Lines to Move Faster


New postmaster general wants lines to move faster

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, Associated Press  Fri Jan 14, 2011

Postal clerks will stop holding up the line with all those questions when you mail something.
Some questions will still be needed for security reasons, but clerks no longer have to run through a litany of whether each customer wants a return receipt or insurance or other special services.
It was like "Do you want fries that that?" Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe said Friday, and it wasted time and slowed lines.
"Lines at post offices are a major issue for me," Donahoe said at a briefing before being sworn in as the nation's 73rd postmaster general.
While Friday marked the formal ceremony, he has actually been in charge since last month.
Donahoe said another step to easing the lines is encouraging people to do more postal business away from post offices, such as buying stamps online or at retailers.
Already, he said, about 35 percent of retail postal business is conducted outside of the agency's official offices.
Donahoe took command of an agency struggling to cope with the double whammy of the recession and business lost to the Internet. It was $8 billion in the red last year despite cutting its workforce by 100,000 over the last three years.
Reductions will continue, said Donahoe, who is currently planning to cut 7,500 administrators and supervisors, or about 20 percent of the administrative staff.
The briefing came a day after the post office announced that it will increase most rates on April 17, though the 44-cent price of a first-class stamp will not change.

On other topics, Donahoe:

• Confirmed that all future commemorative stamps will be forever stamps, meaning they remain valid for first-class postage regardless of future rate increases. People shouldn't have to come in and stand in line for 2-cent stamps to cover price increases, he said: "The aggravation is just not worth it."
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Area Gas Prices Hermann and New Haven


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