Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Japan Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Meltdown in Three out of Six Reactors, Worse than thought UPDATE:Japan Fukushima Bad To Worse Reactors a Raging Nuclear Meltdown


Fukushima's nuclear disaster: Worse than Japan thought?

May 28, 2011
New York – Power company Tepco announces that three out of six reactors almost certainly suffered serious meltdowns after the deadly earthquake and tsunami
A new report from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) paints a surprisingly dire picture of the damage at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Just how bad is the situation, and what is Japan going to do about it? Here, a brief guide:
What does Tepco's report say?It's now clear that three of the six reactors (not just one, as originally thought) experienced at least a partial meltdown — and odds seem high that, in each reactor, molten fuel rods breached the containment vessel, letting radiation leak into the environment.
How much radiation has leaked out?It's not clear yet. But if the containment vessels were breached, even partially, more radiation could leak from Fukushima than Chernobyl. Still, a worse-than-Chernobyl leak remains unlikely, says Tepco general manager Junichi Matsumoto. Most, but not all, of the molten fuel is believed to have stayed inside the containment vessels. And in Reactors 2 and 3, the rods remained under water, which should reduce the damage.
Where does this information come from?
It is based on Tepco's recently completed computer simulations of the disaster — the plants are still too dangerous to enter. (The reactors got as hot as 3,000 degrees Celsius — 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit — at one point, but they are now at a stable 100-170 degrees C, and slowly dropping.) Several outside experts have also come to similar conclusions.
What happens next?A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in Tokyo Tuesday to conduct an investigation into what went wrong at the Fukushima plant and what lessons can be drawn to make nuclear plants in Japan and elsewhere safer. Japan also approved its own independent investigation into the government's handling of the disaster. That inquiry will be headed by Yotaro Hatamura, an engineering professor who has made his name studying failure.
Sources: New York Times, Bloomberg, Wall St. Journal, Daily Yomiuri, Washington Post




Fukushima Reactors a Raging Nuclear Inferno

Kurt Nimmo
May 18, 2011

Professor Christopher Busby, who sits on the European Committee on Radiation Risks, told RT yesterday that the reactors at Fukushima are a raging nuclear inferno and he believes at least one of the reactors is now outside its containment structure and emitting vast amounts of radiation into the atmosphere.

The Japanese newspaper Asahi reports today that data reveals meltdowns occurred at the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors. Goshi Hosono, special adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, acknowledged the likelihood of meltdowns. “We have to assume that meltdowns have taken place,” Hosono said at a news conference May 16.
Infowars.com and other alternative news sources reported the probability of a nuclear meltdown at the plant, but this was virtually ignored by the corporate media.
Soon after an earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant, nuclear experts said meltdowns occurred at all three reactors. TEPCO and the corporate media downplayed the possibility of nuclear meltdown. On April 17, TEPCO released a schedule to reach a cold shutdown at the Fukushima plant within six to nine months, but eventually had to revise the schedule.

Nuclear experts indicate more than a decade will be required to remove the melted fuel, eliminate the contamination, and dismantle the reactors.
Public release of data on the situation at the plant, which had been kept at the central control room, was delayed because it took time to restore power and remove radioactive materials attached to the papers, according to TEPCO. According to the data, the pressure in the pressure vessel of the No. 2 reactor dropped at 6:43 p.m. on March 15. A similar drop in pressure also took place at the No. 3 reactor at 11:50 p.m. on March 16.
“We have yet to be able to grasp the entire situation at the plant,” a TEPCO official said on May 16.
Radioactive technetium was discovered in water in the No. 3 reactor building. The discovery raised speculation that the melted nuclear fuel has breached the pressure vessel and landed in the containment vessel. Technetium is produced when nuclear fuel rods are damaged.

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FBI Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending May 27, 2011

Washington, D.C. May 27, 2011
  • FBI National Press Office

  1. Philadelphia: Thirteen La Cosa Nostra Members, Associates Indicted in Pennsylvania

    An indictment was unsealed against 13 members and associates of the Philadelphia organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra. The indictment charges various crimes involving racketeering conspiracy, extortion, loansharking, illegal gambling, and witness tampering. Full Story
  2. New Haven: Connecticut Drug Trafficker Convicted of Murdering Three People

    Azibo Aquart, the founder and leader of a drug trafficking group that primarily sold crack cocaine, was convicted in connection with his role in the murders of three individuals who were brutally beaten to death with baseball bats. Full Story
  3. Headquarters: FBI Releases Preliminary Annual Crime Statistics for 2010

    According to the FBI’s Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report, the nation experienced a 5.5 percent decrease in the number of violent crimes and a 2.8 percent decline in the number of property crimes in 2010 when compared with data from 2009. Full Story

  4. Jacksonville: Former Mayo Clinic Employee Indicted in Florida for Tampering with Syringes, Resulting in Patient Death

    Former radiology technician Steven Beumel was indicted for allegedly taking syringes of Fentanyl and replacing them with used syringes contaminated with his own Hepatitis C virus. Five different patients contracted Hepatitis C from Beumel, and one of them died. Full Story

  5. Norfolk: Two More Somalis Plead Guilty to Charges Relating to Piracy of Quest

    Jilani Abdiali and Burhan Abdirahman Yusuf pled guilty to acts of piracy against the S/V Quest, which resulted in the murder of United States citizens Scott Underwood Adam, Jean Savage Adam, Phyllis Patricia Macay, and Robert Campbell Riggle. Full Story
  6. Minneapolis: Minnesota Man Convicted for Role in $43 Million Mortgage Fraud

    Troy David Chaika was found guilty on seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of mail fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud for conspiring with others to bilk mortgage lenders out of more than $43 million. Full Story
  7. Boston: Massachusetts Man Sentenced for Role in Large-Scale Mortgage Fraud Ring

    Ralph Appolon, the 12th and final defendant in a large-scale mortgage fraud ring, was sentenced for his role in fraudulent property transactions that were part of a larger mortgage fraud conspiracy involving 21 property deals and more than $10.6 million in loan proceeds. Full Story
  8. Washington Field: Former Title and Escrow Agent Pleads Guilty in D.C. to $1.8 Million Mortgage Fraud

    Ronald Johannes Sneijder, a former owner of a title and escrow company, pled guilty to bank fraud in connection with a mortgage fraud case involving more than $1.8 million in loans. Full Story
  9. Dallas: Mansfield Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Commodities Fraud

    Ray M. White was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after he pled guilty to commodities fraud, and ordered to pay $9.4 million in restitution to the victims of his crime and surrender to the Bureau of Prisons by July 28, 2011. Full Story
  10. Los Angeles: California Bank Employee Arrested for Stealing from Elderly Customers

    Brenda Bautista Hurtado, of Arroyo Grande, California, was arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $100,000 from two elderly customers’ accounts, as well as another $10,000 in cash from the bank’s vault while she was employed at a U.S. Bank branch in Arroyo Grande. Full Story
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FBI Steps Up Spying On Americans Using Anti-terrorism Pretense


FBI Steps Up Harassment of Political Activists

Kurt Nimmo
May 27, 2011

“According to the FBI, people scrawling with sidewalk chalk and even those attending documentary screenings of controversial films can pose a threat to Homeland Security,” explains RTAmerica in a description attached to the above video. “Chicano activist Carlos Montes says this new widespread attack targeted against peace advocates and immigration rights activists is only the newest wave in the federal government’s attempt at silencing the outspoken.”
The FBI has served as a political police force since its creation as the Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation in 1908. It’s mission is to squelch political dissent frowned upon by the elite.
In the early years, the FBI used deportations and the career-destroying Palmer raids to target union leaders and communists. Later on, it targeted anti-war and civil rights activists. It has since enlarged its target list to include environmentalists – those who have wandered from the globalist foundation reservation – and activists within the patriot movement described the the Department of Homeland Security as dire threats to the national security of the United States.
Under COINTELPRO, the FBI illegally entered and trashed homes and offices, arrested countless activists, sent libelous letters to the media and employers, falsely prosecuted and withheld information in trials, and engaged in violence and assassination against the government’s political enemies. From 1943 until 1963 the FBI paid an estimated 1,600 informants $1,680,592 and used 20,000 days of wiretaps to undermine legitimate and entirely legal political organizing (see America’s Secret Police).
Laws enacted after the attacks of September 11, 2011, are not designed to protect us from cave-dwelling Muslims, as we are repeatedly told. The high-tech police state now going into place around us is designed to prevent political resistance to a tyrannical state.

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Tony Romo Ties Knot to former Miss Missouri USA 2008 Candice Crawford


Tony Romo Wedding: Dallas' Tony Romo Ties Knot at Just the Right Time

By Wes O'Donnell 
May 28, 2011

Tony Romo Wedding Set To Take Place Today at Arlington Hall
The NFL season is still in jeopardy and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, never one to have trouble finding something else to do, is at least taking his time off to push his career in a better direction.
The fun-loving, oft-smiling quarterback has very much been in need of a settled personal life stretching back to the Jessica Simpson relationship a few years back.
We all remember the "Simpson Game" where Romo performed terribly in front of his then-girlfriend, and it is hard to forget the vacation he took just a week before the Cowboys played the Giants in the playoffs.
Being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys comes with added publicity and pressure, but Romo has done himself no favors in the past.
Until now that is.
Romo and Candice Crawford, a former reporter, beauty queen and sister of television star Chace Crawford, are getting married today at Arlington Hall at Lee Park.
The couple plan on keeping it as low key as possible, and that includes Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Jones had to jump through a few hoops to make it possible, but he'll be present yet unable to talk football with his quarterback.
Romo is coming of a year marred by injury and is now in position to help rebuild the Dallas Cowboys' reputation with new coach Jason Garrett.
With no work between teams and football players allowed, Romo's wedding has come at the perfect time for a guy incapable of avoiding distraction.


Injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is engaged to be married to former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford.
Crawford works as a sports reporter for KDAF-TV in Dallas. The station reports that the 30-year-old player proposed to Crawford while the couple were celebrating her 24th birthday at a Dallas restaurant on Thursday.
A wedding date has not been announced.
. Click Here for more info on Romo

Candice Crawford Bio: 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Candice Loren Crawford (born December 16, 1986)[1] is a reporter for KDAF, the CW-affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas[2] and a former American beauty queen. She won the Miss Missouri USAMiss USA pageant when she placed in the top ten. She is currently engaged to Tony Romo (quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys).

Born in Lubbock, Texas and then raised in Dallas, Texas, Crawford is the younger sister of the actor Chace Crawford, from the television show Gossip Girl.[3]

After high school, Crawford enrolled at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, where she studied journalism and business. While at Columbia, Missouri, Candice worked with the local NBC affiliate KOMU-TV as a reporter. During college, Crawford also worked for Dallas, Texas CBS affiliate KTVT, as a reporter covering the Dallas Cowboys on the CBS show, The Blitz. She was also an active member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority for Women. Plus, Crawford served as a volunteer writer for sports blog Midwest Sports Fans.[4]

She competed in the Miss Texas Teen USA 2003 and 2005 pageants, placing third runner-up in both competitions.

Crawford competed in the Miss Missouri USA 2007 pageant in November 2006 and placed first runner-up to Amber Seyer. She then competed the following year and won the 2008 title.[3][8] She represented Missouri in the Miss USA 2008 pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2008.[9]

On March 16, 2007, Crawford was arrested for underage possession of alcohol at the bar Tonic in Columbia, Missouri.[5][6]

On December 16, 2010, the KDAF Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas news station where Crawford works, announced she became engaged to Romo while celebrating her 24th birthday with her family at the restaurant Five Sixty.[7]

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‘United for Joplin’ fundraiser Tops $ 1 million



‘United for Joplin’ fundraiser breaks $1 million

Friday, May 27, 2011


With more than $1 million in donations on hand, the Heart of Missouri United Way is ready to help Joplin residents rebuild their lives and community.
A “United for Joplin” fundraising effort that culminated last night at the new Museao building on Buttonwood Drive raised $1,036,000. The Columbia United Way chapter will dole out the money as needed, working with its affiliate in Joplin, said Executive Director Tim Rich.
Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston extended a “thanks” through a phone call this morning with the Tribune. “The kind of support people have offered, whether it’s been financially, in prayer or through volunteerism, the support we’ve received has been overwhelming, and Columbia is part of that,” he said. “We’re very appreciative of the efforts up there.”
Joplin has literally been overwhelmed with tangible donations, to the point officials are asking on websites and through social media that people stop bringing unsolicited items because there’s no place to store them. Regardless, media across the country are reporting groups from Utah, Colorado, Chicago, Nebraska and Tennessee planned to haul semitrailer loads of goods to the tornado-ravaged town this weekend.
One reason cash donations are preferred is they allow agencies to fund what’s actually needed rather than having to rely on volunteers to sort goods and figure out which victims need which donated items.
Rich plans to head to Joplin next week to talk to officials about how to best use the “United for Joplin” funds. “We want to have the biggest impact and provide the greatest return on investment for our donors,” he said.
That might include helping residents pay for temporary housing, cover utility costs for a while or fund whatever else they need to start over, Rich said. “One of the nice things about United Way is we have the ability to work with our partners and those who aren’t our partners so we custom-tailor the needs of people and each family individually.”
Fundraising efforts here started almost immediately after the tornado struck Joplin Sunday when Brent Beshore, a Joplin native turned Columbia entrepreneur, sent Rich a message asking to set up a fund for relief efforts. Although most of the contributions have come from individuals, other entities pitched in.
The University of Missouri created a T-shirt promoting “One State. One Spirit. One Mizzou.” to raise money for the campaign. As of this morning, 9,100 T-shirts had been sold, mostly from online orders, raising some $100,000 in profits for Joplin. The shirts were temporarily sold out this morning.
“I don’t think anyone expected the shirts to be flying off the shelves and Web as quickly as they did,” said Ana Compain-Romero, director of University Affairs. “I think it’s extraordinary that not only the community here but, heaven knows, nationwide people are really turning out for this.”
Also contributing to the total amount was a $200,000 check from Sam’s Club, delivered personally to Columbia yesterday from a representative in the Bentonville, Ark., office. That money is specifically earmarked to help small businesses rebuild, Rich said. He plans to form a Columbia task force made of business and university leaders who can help Joplin form a long-term recovery plan.
Joplin is still literally picking up the pieces, so economic recovery isn’t an immediate need, Woolston said, “but down the road, it’s going to be critical.”

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