Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Franklin County Sheriff Discusses Robertsville Missouri Storm Damage Rolla, Washinton area hit


Sheriff Gary Toelke discusses the extent of the damage in Robertsville, Missouri.


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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending December 31, 2010

Washington, D.C. December 31, 2010
  • FBI National Press Office

  1. Minneapolis: Redby Couple Sentenced for Second-Degree Murder
    A Redby couple was sentenced in connection to the murder of a 21-year-old man on October 1, 2009. Renee Delores Ann Smith was sentenced to 121 months in prison on one count of aiding and abetting murder in the second degree. Kelly James Maxwell was sentenced to 222 months on one count of aiding and abetting murder in the second degree. Full Story
  2. Cincinnati: Powell Man Sentenced for Selling More Than 35,000 Illegally Copied Videogames Over the Internet
    Qiang “Michael” Bi was sentenced to 30 months incarceration for selling more than 35,000 illegally copied computer games over the Internet between 2005 and 2009. He is required to make restitution to the companies who created the games. Full Story
  3. Los Angeles: Orange County Man Surrenders After Being Indicted in Investment Fraud Case that Caused $2.4 Million in Losses
    Charles Davis surrendered to agents in Orange County. Davis was indicted in an investment scheme in which he allegedly defrauded approximately 40 investors with losses exceeding $2 million. Full Story
  4. Atlanta: Principals of Defunct Hedge Fund Indicted for $30 Million International Fraud Scheme
    Thomas Repke was arraigned on multiple counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy relating to his operation of the Utah-based investment company, “Coadum Capital.” Repke was indicted on December 15 along with an alleged accomplice, James Jeffry. Full Story
  5. New York: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Consultant of Expert-Networking Firm with Insider Trading
    Winifred Jiau, a/k/a “Wini,” was arrested on charges relating to her involvement in an insider trading scheme. Jiau was charged with conspiring to commit securities fraud and engaging in securities fraud by selling material, nonpublic information about publicly-traded companies to multiple hedge funds for the purpose of executing profitable securities transactions. Full Story
  6. Chicago: Former Chicago Man Allegedly Swindled Nearly $8 Million from More Than 50 Victims in Investment Fraud Scheme
    Randy M. Cho was charged with allegedly engaging in an investment fraud scheme, swindling nearly $8 million from more than 50 victims who were led to believe they were buying shares of stock in well-known companies. Cho purportedly offered and sold more than $9.6 million of shares in well-known companies to more than 50 U.S. and foreign investors. Full Story
  7. New Haven: FBI Task Force Investigation into New Haven Cocaine Ring Results in Federal Charges Against Nine Men
    A jury returned a seven-count indictment charging nine individuals with narcotics trafficking offenses related to the distribution of cocaine in and around New Haven. The nine men charged in the indictment were previously arrested on federal criminal complaints. Full Story
  8. FBI Lab/Albuquerque: FBI Responds to Relocation of CODIS Server from the City of Albuquerque to Santa Fe
    The FBI Lab Director issued a statement in response to local Albuquerque media outlets’ coverage regarding the CODIS server being moved from the City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Police Criminalistics Lab to the NM Department of Public Safety in Santa Fe, per NDIS procedures. Full Story
  9. Oklahoma City: Final Defendant Sentenced in Norman Oxycontin Trafficking Ring
    The last of 24 defendants was sentenced following a long-term investigation and prosecution of a wide-spread OxyContin trafficking operation based in Norman. The investigation resulted in the conviction of individuals from central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Noble, Lexington and Wellston. Full Story
  10. Albany: Schenectady Man Sentenced to 27 Months in Prison for Role in Mortgage Fraud Scheme
    Michael Cassadei was sentenced to 27 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay restitution of more than $130,000, for his role as an organizer of a local mortgage fraud scheme. Full Story


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Fantastic Observation By FaceBook Member Both Groundhog Day State of the Union address occur same day, Feb. 2, 2011

Feb. 2, 2011 - A Noteworthy Date in the coming new year.

Both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on the same day, Feb. 2, 2011.

It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication.
The other involves a groundhog.


  Will 2011 Budget Be Released Before the State of the Union?

Tuesday, February 2 has been mentioned as a possibility. There is some controversy about this date, however, because the first episode of the final season of “Lost” on ABC is scheduled to air that night. (This is what happens when you deliver a speech in prime time). As a result, the SOTU date has not yet been set.


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TV Crew Covering President Claims Mistreatment - "Put that camera off of me."

TV Crew Covering President Claims Mistreatment

A public access television crew complained of police mistreatment Thursday, after trying to get a picture of President Barrack Obama.
Just after dawn Wednesday, the three-woman crew for a Big Island public access program called "We Are Change Hawaii" drove up to the barricade near the president's vacation home in Kailua.Host R.J. Hampton was told they couldn't stay, so she spoke into the video camera as she returned to the car.
 The crew was video-taping vehicle searches along the potential motorcade route as they left the neighborhood. They noticed a van behind them.

 Exciting turned to scary after they pulled into a gas station. On their video, a police officer approached the car and said, “Stay in the car. Put that camera off of me.”
. Click Here for more info.


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THE LAND DOWN UNDER Australia floods larger than France strand 200,000


BRISBANE, Australia (AP) - Military aircraft dropped supplies to towns cut off by floods in northeastern Australia as the prime minister promised new assistance Friday to the 200,000 people affected by waters covering an area larger than France and Germany combined.
Residents were stocking up on food or evacuating their homes as rising rivers inundated or isolated 22 towns in the state of Queensland.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard toured an evacuation center in the flood-stricken town of Bundaberg on Friday and announced that families whose homes had been flooded or damaged would be eligible for disaster relief payments of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child.
"My concern is for the people in these very difficult times," Gillard said.
A day earlier, she pledged $1 million Australian dollars (about $1 million) in federal aid to match a relief fund already set up by the state government.
Bundaberg resident Sandy Kiddle told Gillard she lost cherished items after floodwaters surged through her house. She said may not be able to return home for a week.
"It was just a sea of water, and I thought the beach would never come to our house," she told Gillard, who gave her a hug.
Officials say half of Queensland's 715,305 square miles (1,852,642 square kilometers) is affected by the relentless flooding, which began last week after days of pounding rain caused swollen rivers to overflow. The flood zone covers an area larger than France and Germany combined and bigger than the state of Texas.
While the rain has stopped, the rivers are still surging to new heights and overflowing into low-lying towns as the water makes its way toward the sea.
The muddy water inundating thousands of homes and businesses has led to a shortage of drinking water and raised fears of mosquito-borne disease.
"This is without a doubt a tragedy on an unprecedented scale," Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Bligh warned that drenched communities could be stuck underwater for more than a week, and cleanup efforts were expected to cost billions of dollars.
The Department of Community Safety said supplies of food and bedding were delivered by road and by military aircraft Friday to the towns of Rockhampton, Emerald, Springsure and Blackwater in central-east Queensland.
Northeastern Australia often sees heavy rains and flooding during the Southern Hemisphere summer, but the scope of the damage from the recent downpours is unusual.
The entire population of two towns has already been forced to evacuate as water swamped their communities, cutting off roads and devastating crops. The next city in the water's path - Rockhampton, near the coast - is bracing for flood levels forecast at 31 feet (9.4 meters) by Monday or Tuesday.
. Click Here for more info.


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