Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Friday, January 28, 2011

'SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING' HYSTERIA: SWAT Detain Kirksville, MO Man Talking on Cellphone After Citizen Tip - VIDEO


Report of armed man leads to lockdown at Wal-Mart

Posted Jan 26, 2011__________________________________________________________________________

A report of an armed man acting erratically in the Wal-Mart parking lot Wednesday led to the store being temporarily locked down before Kirksville Police responded to and defused the situation with no injuries.

According to Kirksville Police Chief Jim Hughes, a passerby stopped a Kirksville Police officer and said they had seen an individual acting erratically in a truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot shortly before 2:30 p.m. The passerby believed the individual had a gun to his head.

"We don't take these things lightly," Hughes said, "especially nowadays."

KPD responded to control the scene and ordered a lockdown of the store both to keep shoppers in and prevent the individual from entering the store.

After identifying the vehicle and person in question, Hughes said a decision was made on the scene for police to attempt contact. They were able to communicate with him and he voluntarily exited the vehicle. No weapon was found and the individual was taken into custody without incident less than 20 minutes after police arrived on scene.

The individual was talking on a cell phone at the time of the incident. It's likely that is the object the passerby identified as a gun.

Hughes said no crime was committed and no additional information, including the person's name, would be released.

Wal-Mart security offered full cooperation, Hughes said. The Adair County Sheriff's Office also responded and offered assistance, but Hughes said the incident was resolved prior to their active involvement.
. Click Here to Read More.



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“Anonymous” Search Warrants Executed by FBI 'Cyber Investigation'


Search Warrants Executed in the United States as Part of Ongoing Cyber Investigation

Washington, D.C. January 27, 2011
  • FBI National Press Office
— filed under: Breaking News, Press Release

FBI agents today executed more than 40 search warrants throughout the United States as part of an ongoing investigation into recent coordinated cyber attacks against major companies and organizations. Also today, the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan Police Service executed additional search warrants and arrested five people for their alleged role in the attacks.

These distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) are facilitated by software tools designed to damage a computer network’s ability to function by flooding it with useless commands and information, thus denying service to legitimate users. A group calling itself “Anonymous” has claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying they conducted them in protest of the companies’ and organizations’ actions. The attacks were facilitated by the software tools the group makes available for free download on the Internet. The victims included major U.S. companies across several industries.
The FBI also is reminding the public that facilitating or conducting a DDoS attack is illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, as well as exposing participants to significant civil liability.

The FBI is working closely with its international law enforcement partners and others to mitigate these threats. Authorities in the Netherlands, Germany, and France have also taken their own investigative and enforcement actions. The National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) also is providing assistance. The NCFTA is a public-private partnership that works to identify, mitigate, and neutralize cyber crime. The NCFTA has advised that software from any untrustworthy source represents a potential threat and should be removed. Major Internet security (anti-virus) software providers have instituted updates so they will detect the so-called “Low Orbit Ion Canon” tools used in these attacks.



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Remembering the Challenger Tragedy - 25 Years Ago Today - January 28, 1986

___________________________________________________________________________________Challenger (STA-099, OV-99)

Challenger, the second orbiter to become operational at Kennedy Space Center, was named after the British Naval research vessel HMS Challenger that sailed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans during the 1870's. The Apollo 17 lunar module also carried the name of Challenger. Like her historic predecessors, Space Shuttle Challenger and her crews made significant contributions to America's scientific growth.

Challenger joined NASA fleet of reusable winged spaceships in July 1982. It flew nine successful Space Shuttle missions. On January 28, 1986, the Challenger and its seven-member crew were lost 73 seconds after launch when a booster failure resulted in the breakup of the vehicle.

Challenger started out as a high-fidelity structural test article (STA-099). The airframe was completed by Rockwell and delivered to Lockheed Plant 42 for structural testing on 02/04/78. The orbiter structure had evolved under such weight-saving pressure that virtually all components of the air frame were required to handle significant structural stress. With such an optimized design, it was difficult to acurately predict mechanical and thermal loading with the computer software available at the time. The only safe approach was to submit the structural test article to intensive testing and analysis. STA-099 underwent 11 months of intensive vibration testing in a 43 ton steel rig built especially for the Space Shuttle Test Program. The rig consisted of 256 hydraulic jacks, distributed over 836 load application points. Under computer control, it was possible to simulate the expected stress levels of launch, ascent, on-orbit, reentry and landing. Three 1 million pound-force hydraulic cylinders were used to simulate the thrust from the Space Shuttle Main Engines. Heating and thermal simulations were also done.

Rockwell's original $2.6 billion contract had authorized the building of a pair of static-test articles (MPTA-098 and STA-099 and two initial flight-test vehicles (OV-101 and OV-102. A decision in 1978 not to modify Enterprise from her Approach and Landing Test (ALT) configuration would have left Columbia as the only operational orbiter vehicle so on 1/29/79 NASA awarded Rockwell a supplemental contract to convert Challenger (STA-099) from a test vehicle into a space-rated Orbiter (OV-099).

STA-099 was returned to Rockwell on 11/7/79 and it's conversion into a fully rated Orbiter Vehicle was started. This conversion, while easier than it would have been to convert Enterprise, still involved a major disassembly of the vehicle. Challenger had been built with a simulated crew module and the forward fuselage halves had to be separated to gain access to the crew module. Additionally, the wings were modified and reinforced to incorporate the results of structural testing and two heads-up displays (HUD's) were installed in the cockpit. Empty Weight was 155,400 lbs at rollout and 175,111 lbs with main engines installed. This was about 2,889 pounds lighter than Columbia

Upgrades and Features

Two orbiters, Challenger and Discovery, were modified at KSC to enable them to carry the Centaur upper stage in the payload bay. These modifications included extra plumbing to load and vent Centaur's cryogenic (L02/LH2) propellants (other IUS/PAM upper stages use solid propellants), and controls on the aft flight deck for loading and monitoring the Centaur stage. No Centaur flight was ever flown and after the loss of Challenger it was decided that the risk was too great to launch a shuttle with a fueled Centaur upper stage in the payload bay.

Construction Milestones (MPTA-098)

07/26/72 Contract Award
06/24/75 Start structural assembly of aft-fuselage
07/12/76 Start of Final Assembly
05/27/77 Completed Final Assembly
04/21/78 Flight Readiness Firing

Construction Milestones (STA-099)

07/26/72 Contract Award
11/21/75 Start structural assembly of Crew Module
06/14/76 Start structural assembly of aft-fuselage
03/16/77 Wings arrive at Palmdale from Grumman
09/30/77 Start of Final Assembly
02/10/78 Completed Final Assembly
02/14/78 Rollout from Palmdale

Construction Milestones (OV-099)

01/05/79 Contract Award
01/28/79 Start structural assembly of Crew Module
06/14/76 Start structural assembly of aft-fuselage
03/16/77 Wings arrive at Palmdale from Grumman
11/03/80 Start of Final Assembly
10/23/81 Completed Final Assembly
06/30/82 Rollout from Palmdale
07/01/82 Overland transport from Palmdale to Edwards
07/05/82 Delivery to Kennedy Space Center
12/19/82 Flight Readiness Firing
04/04/83 First Flight (STS-6)

Challenger's Flights to date:

01. STS-6 (04/04/83)
02. STS-7 (06/18/83)
03. STS-8 (08/30/83)
04. 41-B (02/03/84)
05. 41-C (04/06/84)
06. 41-G (10/05/84)
07. 51-B (04/29/85)
08. 51-F (07/29/85)
09. 61-A (10/30/85)
10. 51-L (1/28/86 - Crew and vehicle lost during launch)

Challenger Flight Log:

10 flights
987 orbits
69 days in space

____________________________________________________________________________________ .



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Events in Middle East Moving Too Fast for Obama Administration VIDEO COVERAGE 'LIVE LINK' EGYPT Friday Jan 28, 2011



Revolution is in the air but US sticks to same old script

January 29, 2011http://www.smh.com.au


Washington appears addicted to propping up tyrants, writes Paul McGeough.

Events in the Middle East are moving too fast for the Obama administration to think it can get away with Plan A and Plan B reaction strategies according to the regimes or leaders it wants to keep in and out of power.
Consider the response of the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to Hezbollah tightening its grip on power in Lebanon this week - Washington might have to pull its funding worth hundreds of millions for Lebanon, her office warned.
But as democracy demonstrators were confronted by thousands of baton-wielding policemen in the streets in Cairo, there was no mention of pulling the $US2 billion-plus cheque that Washington writes for the octogenarian President, Hosni Mubarak, each year.
Instead, a rhetorical nugget that Mubarak's mouthpieces would use in their defence - ''our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable'' and then some namby-pamby words about how Mubarak was ''looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people''.
That response came on Wednesday - more thugs in and out of uniform in the streets, more tear-gas and 860 more young Egyptians banged up in prison because, Oliver-like, they had the audacity to stand in the streets and to ask for more. Such is stability.
Undaunted, Clinton tried again on Wednesday, when she called on the Egyptian authorities to cease blocking the communications on which the demonstrators relied. But on Thursday the Twitter and Facebook websites were inaccessible and mobile-phone users in Cairo said that it was difficult or impossible to sent text messages.
Clinton uttered the ''stability'' line early in the week - before the seriousness of what is unfolding in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria came in to focus. Consider how it might be interpreted by ordinary Egyptians - the human rights of 80 million people have been trampled for 30 years but what the US Secretary of State is most concerned about is the stability of the state.
And, even as the focus sharpened, the administration refused to tell the truth about the despot upon whom Washington relies - ''Egypt is a strong ally,'' the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, replied when asked if the administration still supported Mubarak.
And, in a week in which the Middle East's historic self-started wave of democracy protests came to a head, Barack Obama might have used his State of the Union address to cheer along all the protesters; and perhaps to warn all the leaders, country by country, of the fate that awaits them.
Instead he confined his specific remarks to Tunisia, saying: ''The United States of America stands with the people of Tunisia and supports the democratic aspirations of all people.'' So, in a region of 333 million people, where to varying degrees a good 325 million are under the heel of unelected leaders, the US President addressed only little Tunisia.
The lame excuse offered to reporters was that Cairo erupted late in the drafting process of the speech but that last ''aspirations of all people'' phrase was a recognition that ''what happens in Tunisia resonates around the world''.
By current American thinking it would never do to have Islamists in power in the Palestinian Occupied Territories or in Lebanon and therefore they heed every despot's warning that the Islamists are waiting in the wings across North Africa and the Middle East.
But lost in the lunge to protect US strategic and commercial interests by propping up the region's dictator class is any realisation that that support is what leaves the youth of the region under-educated and under-employed and, thereby, ripe for the picking by Islamist and other underground movements.
. Click Here to Read More.

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Elementary School Principal Kissed a Pig - Pepsi Refresh Project. O'Fallon, Missouri


O'Fallon, Mo (KSDK) --  In front of a screaming crowd of students, a local elementary school principal kissed a pig this morning.
Dr. Jason Sefrit is principal at Westhoff Elementary in O'Fallon, Missouri.
He promised his students he would kiss a pig if they got at least 500 online votes at the Pepsi Refresh Project.
They were able to get 537 votes.
Principal kisses pig - PHOTOS
Winners of that project receive $25 thousand grants.
If Westhoff wins, the school plans to use the money to upgrade its reading instruction program.
. Click Here to Read More.


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Missouri State Auditor to Change Reports to Rating System

Missouri auditor to change how office reports findings
Friday, January 28, 2011
BY The Associated Press

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich plans to change how his office presents the findings from its reviews of state departments and other public agencies.
The auditor's office will classify the performance of the agency being audited as excellent, good, fair or poor. Schweich's office says the rating system is the first major change to state audit summaries in about a decade.
Schweich says the changes will help Missouri residents understand the conclusions from audits. The new summaries will be seen on audits starting in February.

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Sonny the Snow Dog - Our Silly Shih Tzu Loves the Snow VIDEO by Poor Richard

Poor Richard shot this short video of his wife's 9 year old Shih Tzu, Sonny, refreshing his face in the snow.


___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

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UPDATE: 25-foot Wave at Mavericks Leaves California Surfer Fighting For His Life CAUGHT ON TAPE


Injured surfer expected to fully recover

 Jan. 25, 2011
An Orange County surfer is expected to fully recover after nearly drowning following a dramatic wipeout Saturday at the famed big-wave Mavericks surf break in Northern California, his brother told the Register on Tuesday.
"It's a miracle," Bobby Trette said of Jacob Trette, 30, of San Clemente, who was sucked under after a set of rogue 20-25-foot waves suddenly developed and hit a large group of surfers who had been catching 12- to 15-foot swells.
Article Tab : jacob-christmas-photograp
Jacob Trette, 30, with son Jacob Jr., 2, photographed Christmas 2010.
Photo courtesy of Bobby Trette
ESPN.com posted a frame-by-frame photo breakdown of the series of waves that slammed Trette.
The first fast-moving swell pushed Trette down the face of the wave as it broke. Trette resurfaced to take a breath before a second wave sent him back under the water.
Jacob Trette, an experienced surfer who had ridden waves at Mavericks before, was found unconscious and face down in the water following the accident at about 10 a.m. Saturday.
Russell Ord, a surfing photographer who was nearby on a jet ski, pulled Trette from the surf and brought him to shore where he helped revive him. Ironically, jet skis are banned in the area where the near-drowning occurred.
"I actually thought he was dead for sure and I was really surprised when we got him to shore that he had a pulse," said Ord, an Australian firefighter, in an interview with CBS' "The Early Show."
Trette was taken to Stanford Medical Center in critical condition. Doctors put him in a medically induced coma.
By Tuesday morning, Trette's condition had improved dramatically. Stanford Medical Center officials said in a statement that Trette's vital signs were stable and within normal limits. And Bobby Trette, 26, said his brother is expected to fully recover.


Surfer hospitalized after Mavericks accident


January 23, 2011

A surfer remained hospitalized Sunday after he almost drowned at Mavericks surfing area near Half Moon Bay on Saturday, according to news reports and interviews with authorities.
GrindTV,  a surfing website, identified the surfer as Jacob Trette.
Paramedics called to the scene about 10 a.m. Saturday found a 30-year-old surfer who had been rescued and revived by surfers and an emergency medical technician, with the help of bystanders who were at the surf spot, said David Cosgrave, a battalion chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
The surfer was flown out to Stanford University Medical Center. A spokesman at the hospital said he could not comment on the condition of the patient.
[Updated, 5:15 p.m.: A hospital spokesman said the surfer is in critical condition.]
Officials did not name the man Sunday. An Internet post from Frank Quirarte, a photographer who witnesses the incident, said the surfer had suffered a brain injury but was moving his arms and legs.
"They're lowering his body temp so he doesn't use as much oxygen and keeping him heavily sedated,” the post read. Too “early to tell how much damage has been done if any.”
A big-wave surf contest was planned for Saturday, but it appears to have been scrapped because waves weren’t high enough.  GrindTV reported that the surfers had moved closer to the shore because the waves were breaking more consistently in that location.
But a 25-foot wave took the pack of surfers by surprise. Video footage shows surfers trying to paddle over the wave, but several surfers were sucked in by the wave when it crashed down. The footage shows another monstrous wave striking a surfer identified as Trette.
Once the waves had cleared, Russell Ord, a photographer who was on a personal water craft, moved in to pull one surfer out of the water. As he was bringing the surfer toward shore, he came along Trette’s body floating face-up in the whitewater, according to GrindTV.
Ord jumped in and pulled Trette’s body onto the rescue sled attached to his vessel and brought him to shore.

. Click Here to Read More and See Video.




Large Rogue Wave Accident at Mavericks Surf Contest 02/13/10 Feb 13, 2010


Waves slammed into the beach at the Mavericks Surf Contest this morning, injuring at least 15 people and prompting organizers and local officials to block any more spectators from entering the area.

Coastside Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Ari Delay said two or three people were taken to hospitals with injuries, the worst of which was a fracture. About 70 paramedics, law enforcement officers and fire officials remain at Mavericks Beach to manage the estimated crowd of 20,000 people.

Organizers decided to close the Half Moon Bay Airport parking lot to new arrivals at about 10 a.m., when the tide was at its highest, said Mavericks Surf Contest spokeswoman Katherine Clark. No more
Share your photos, video * Upload your photos, video * Email photos to pix@mercurynews.com * View breaking news photos, video

people are being allowed into the viewing area at Mavericks Beach, and those who leave will not be permitted to return. The most exposed area of the beach has been closed to the public with police barricades.

The structure on which the awards ceremony was going to be held was broken up by waves, so workers dismantled it. The winners will now be announced around 4 p.m. at the Oceana Hotel and Spa in Princeton.

A series of powerful waves surprised a large number of spectators on the beach early this morning around 9 and knocked over tents set up by contest organizers for the surfers and medical personnel.

Paramedics took a man in his 60s away with an ankle injury. He was bloodied, having been trampled by the crowd after he was knocked over by a surge of water.

The waves also took down Mavericks volunteer Renee Sorenson, of Redwood City.

"I got knocked over by one of those dumb waves," she said. "It also took my camera away. I tried to brace myself but it tripped me and another wave washed over me."

Sorenson's daughter, Amanda, said the sight of the wave surging up the beach was "the scariest thing I've ever seen."

"We're here ever year and we get rogue waves but nothing like this," said Renee Sorenson. She was treated by paramedics and sent to a hospital with a likely broken wrist.

Every wave that crashed onto the beach claimed a couple more victims. Two small children were seen crying in their father's arms, covered in sand and salt water.

People climbed the bluffs above the beach to escape the waves, even though the area is supposed to be off-limits. There was a rush away from the beach with each big wave, but when the tide receded spectators returned to the water's edge.

While those on the beach scrambled for safety, many others continued to watch the contest on a large viewing screen, safely removed from the surging waves.

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Hermann MO News Consistently Lands Top Page Results in 'Google Web Search' Engine


The above Screen Grab, of a recent (January 21, 2011) Google Web Search, demonstrates the success of Hermann MO News' understanding of Web Search Engines!!!

Hemann MO News, Landed the Top 4 Spots out of 885 Google Web Search Results!!!

Are you or your company interested in obtaining this valuable knowledge?

Personalized instruction is available.

If interested, email us for more information us at: hitmethankyou@hotmail.com


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RANKED # 10 Hermann Lady Bearcats in Missouri Class 3

Missouri Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association girls basketball rankings, 
updated Jan. 26:

1. Stockton 12-1
 2. St. James 13-2
3. Hamilton 12-0
4. Bishop LeBlond 12-2
5. Mt. Vernon 9-4
6. Maryville 9-2
7. Kennett 16-1
8. California 11-2
9. Crystal City 11-2
10. Hermann 11-5


____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

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North East USA Hit With More Record Snow - SNOWIEST JAN IN NYC HISTORY 2011 Video


Yet Another Major Snowstorm Hits Northeast

January 27, 2011

Yet another snowstorm hit the Northeast from Wednesday through early Thursday.

The storm came in two rounds, an initial burst on Wednesday morning and then a heavier round late Wednesday through early Thursday. Unlike previous storms this season, heavy snow also fell in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore in addition to Philadelphia, New York City and southern New England.

As snow began in the
D.C. and Baltimore areas late Wednesday, thunder and lightning were common. Snowfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour made for a nightmare evening commute.

See photos:
Northeast snowstorm

These heavy snow rates with thunder and lightning then moved northward through portions of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Philadelphia piled up nearly 15 inches from this latest storm.

New York City
and Newark, N.J., picked up a whopping 19 inches of snow. For the month, both cities now have piled on 36-38 inches, making January 2011 the snowiest January on record! Bridgeport, Conn., Islip, N.Y. and New York-La Guardia airport have also now seen their snowiest Januaries.

Hartford, Conn.,
now has nearly 57 inches this month, beating December 1945 as the snowiest month on record.
. Click Here to Read More.



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'Internet Kill Switch' Egypt Style, Egyptians Brace for Friday Protests - Facebook, Twitter Groups Make Demands

___________________________________________________________________________________ Egyptians brace for Friday protests as internet, messaging disrupted
By the CNN Wire Staff
January 27, 2011 ___________________________________________________________________________________

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- Hours ahead of what are expected to be massive displays of anti-government ferment across the world's most populous Arab nation, the internet went dark in parts of Egypt early Friday, and text messaging appeared to be blocked.
The Muslim Brotherhood has called for its followers to demonstrate after weekly Muslim prayers on Friday, the first time in the current round of unrest that the largest opposition bloc has told supporters to take to the streets.
Egyptian authorities arrested a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader in Friday pre-dawn hours, detaining the party's main speaker, Issam al-Aryan, according to his son-in-law.
Police came to al-Aryan's Cairo home at 2.30 a.m. local time, his son-in-law said.
According to multiple web services that check whether servers used by specific sites are active, the servers of Egypt's main internet provider were down early Friday.
The servers for the Egyptian government's sites and for the U.S. Embassy in Cairo also appeared to be down.
"We are closely monitoring the situation and are aware that communication services, including social media, are being blocked," U.S. State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley said Thursday. "We continue to urge Egyptian authorities to show restraint and allow peaceful protests to occur."
Facebook is aware of reports of service disruption and saw a drop in traffic from Egypt Thursday morning, company spokeswoman Jillian Carroll said in a statement.
Government officials could not be immediately reached to comment on the internet and text message situation.
Egypt's Interior Ministry said Thursday that no protests will be permitted on Friday, but some Egyptians were going door to door in Cairo on Thursday night, urging their neighbors to participate.
Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei arrived in Cairo on Thursday and said "there is no going back" on change.
ElBaradei, the Egyptian Nobel laureate, said people have taken to the streets because they "realize the regime is not listening, not acting."
"The barrier of fear is broken," ElBaradei said after he arrived in Egypt from Europe on Thursday. "And it will not come back."
Now ElBaradei has said he will take part in the protests and passed along "advice to the regime: It's now the time to listen to the people. Make an innocent collective change."
. Click Here to Read More.

Egyptians brace for Friday protests


Egypt Crack Down - Citizen Revolt

Egypt Social Network



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Social Security Cash Negative Now - Will be Drained Dry by 2037 VIDEO

Social Security now seen to run permanent deficits

WASHINGTON (AP) - Sick and getting sicker, Social Security will run at a deficit this year and keep on running in the red until its trust funds are drained by about 2037, congressional budget experts said Wednesday in bleaker-than-previous estimates.
The massive retirement program has been suffering from the effects of the struggling economy for several years. It first went into deficit last year but had been projected to post surpluses for a few more years before permanently slipping into the red in 2016
This year alone, Social Security will pay out $45 billion more in retirement, disability and survivors' benefits than it collects in payroll taxes, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said. That figure nearly triples - to $130 billion - when the new one-year cut in payroll taxes is included.
Congress has promised to replenish any lost revenue from the tax cut, but that's hardly good news, either, adding to the federal budget deficit. In another sobering estimate, the congressional office said government red ink this year will increase to $1.5 trillion, the most in U.S. history.
More than 54 million Americans receive Social Security benefits, averaging $1,076 per month.
The outlook for the program has grown more sour as the nation has struggled to recover from the worst economic crisis since Social Security was enacted, during the Great Depression. In the short term, Social Security is suffering from the weak economy that has payroll taxes lagging and applications for benefits rising. In the long term, Social Security will be strained by the growing number of baby boomers retiring and applying for benefits.
The projected deficits add a sense of urgency to efforts to improve Social Security's finances. For much of the past 30 years, the program has run big surpluses, which the government has borrowed to spend on other programs. Now that Social Security is running deficits, the federal government will have to find money elsewhere to help pay for benefits.
. Click Here to Read More.

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Lady Bearcats Whip Owensville 67-23 Hermann Invitational Girls Basketball Tournament BOXSCORE


Second Round Hermann Invitational

Hermann routs Owensville 67-23   

Will play St. Clair Tonight for Tournament Championship

By STL High School Sports
- Hermann routed visiting Owensville 67-23 Wednesday. Shelby Winkelmann led the way for Hermann with 24 points and Ashley Brooks added 14. Kati Davis led the way for Owensville with 10 points. Hermann (13-5) plays at home against Montgomery Co on Monday at 7:30 p.m. Owensville (7-10) goes on the road to play Newburg on Monday at 6 p.m.


Wed, 1/26/2011

Score by Quarters
























Team Comparison (Season Totals)

Owensville(4-4 7-10)

Hermann(2-2 13-5)
Points For | Average

694 | 40.8

1150 | 63.9
Points Against | Average

802 | 47.2

708 | 39.3

Owensville Dutchmen/Dutchgirls PTS FG-FGA 3FG-3FA FT-FTA FL STL AST OF DF TN BK GP
Kati Davis104-00- 02-420000001
Mikayla Fries73-01- 00-010000001
Kati Miller21-00- 00-010000001
Taylor Payne21-00- 00-000000001
Ashley Wisdom21-00- 00-000000001
Frida Engstrom00-00- 00-000000001
Miranda Epstein00-00- 00-000000001
Lauren Hendrickson00-00- 00-010000001
Whitney Jones00-00- 00-000000001
Hannah Roach00-00- 00-000000001
Mandy Robertson00-00- 00-000000001
Totals 23 10-0 1- 0 2-4 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
0.00 0.00 50.0

Shelby Winkelmann2412-150- 00-003524021
Ashley Brooks146-82- 30-001401001
Laura Rethemeyer73-80- 31-210012311
Corby Hackmann63-70- 10-010221101
Karinne Lane62-21- 11-201114101
Mikaela Ruga63-30- 00-010501001
Kirsten Leimkuehler31-11- 10-000001001
Jamie Gleeson10-20- 21-220021101
Kara Kley00-00- 00-000000001
Hannah Steinbeck00-00- 00-000002001
Kali Stiers00-20- 20-000010001
Jessica Zeiss00-00- 00-000000001
Totals 67 30-48 4- 13 3-6 5 5 17 9 17 6 3 12
62.50 30.77 50.0

Team Comparison (Game Totals)

Owensville(4-4 7-10)

Hermann(2-2 13-5)
2-PT Made-Attempted


2-PT Percentage


3-PT Made-Attempted


3-PT Percentage


Total Made-Attempted


Total Percentage


Offensive-Defensive-Total Rebounds

0-0- 0

Free Throws Made-Attempted


Free Throws Percentage













Hermann Invitational Girls Basketball Tournament

Friday Night's Matchups at Hermann High School

Consolation Game 4:30
5 New Haven v. 6 Warrenton

3rd Place Game 6:00
4 Owensville v. 3 Chamois

Championship Game 7:30

1 Hermann v. 2 St. Clair

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

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Area Gas Prices Hermann and New Haven


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Top 10 Stories - All-Time (Oct. 14,2010 Inception)

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