Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

High School Basketball Player Dies After Scoring Game Winning Shot in OT

Wes Leonard

High School Basketball Player Dies After Big Win

March 5, 2011


Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by Newsy.com

Wes Leonard scored the game-winning basket to complete his team's undefeated season, but collapsed on the court soon after.

Anchor: Megan Murphy

It's a heartbreaking story -- and one that still has people scratching their heads. A highschool basketball star, just 16 years old, scores the game-winning shot to end the perfect season -- then collapses on the court... and dies.

16-year-old Wes Leonard and the Blackhawks took the court against Bridgeman in a tight game. In overtime, Leonard scored the game-winning layup, and completed the team’s undefeated season. (Video: WOOD)

Immediately after the game, he collapsed on the court and bystanders rushed to help. He was soon rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest, and just a few hours later, pronounced dead. (The Holland Sentinel)

The first question every asked was -- how could this happen? The Detroit Free Press reported the medical examiner’s findings: the cardiac arrest brought on by dilated cardiomyopathy -- a condition that enlarges and weakens the heart. As everyone started to piece it together, WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids reports Leonard had been feeling slightly sick recently:

And Babble reports -- Fennville is no stranger to sport-related tragedy.

“The eerie thing about this case is that Leonard is the second Fennville athlete to die from a sport related instance in 14 months. Wrestler Nathaniel Hernandez, 14, died in January of 2010 after suffering a seizure at home following his participation in a high school wrestling match.”

On CNN, a doctor explains -- any heart-straining activity can trigger a problem.

“So rowing, cycling, football, running...”
Dr. KEN MILTON: “Thats correct, pretty much anything where you’re going to be engage in the heart, that puts strain on the heart. But unfortunately, most of these kids -- they don't present with symptoms until the time of death.”

A writer for Fox calls for more in-depth medical examinations for high school athletes -- things like an EKG, a heart ultrasound, and a check on the family’s cardiac disease history. He says, these check-ups are vital because...

“...there are hidden clinical conditions such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), cardiac arrhythmias and valvular abnormalities that may be present, but completely asymptomatic in a young person – and these conditions could have catastrophic effects on a child doing any kind of strenuous physical activity.”

In remembrance, the Holland Sentinel highlights his many talents -- in basketball and football. He racked up 1,000 points on the court and took the field as quarterback, leading the team to the Southwestern Athletic Conference North Division championship.

“Leonard was a two-sport standout at Fennville and arguably the Blackhawks’ greatest athlete since Richie Jordan, a member of the National Federation of State High Schools Association’s Hall of Fame.”

Leonard will be buried Tuesday in Holland, Michigan -- the day after his team-mates are scheduled to play their first playoff game.
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Hermann High School Basketball Bearcats Final Stats LEAGUE LEADERS (Boys)


Hermann Bearcats Boys Basketball
176 Bearcat Crossing
Hermann, MO 65041-9753
School Website School Email
Team Website

Schedule | Roster | Overall Stats | League Stats | Stories | Four Rivers

. Date

. Fri, 12/3/2010
7:30 p.m.


vs. South Callaway

W 62-48
. Mon, 12/6/2010
7:30 p.m.


at Linn

L 53-57
. Fri, 12/10/2010
7:30 p.m.


at Fatima

W 47-44
. Tue, 12/14/2010
7:30 p.m.


at St. Clair (2-5, 12-15)

L 35-43
. Fri, 12/17/2010
7:30 p.m.


vs. Union (1-6, 7-17)

W 52-27
. Mon, 12/20/2010
7 p.m.


at Warrenton (0-4, 5-18)

L 45-63
. Tue, 1/4/2011
6 p.m.


vs. Cuba at Owensville

W 85-53
. Thu, 1/6/2011
6 p.m.


at Owensville (5-2, 14-11)

W 38-30
. Fri, 1/7/2011
8 p.m.


vs. Sullivan (4-3, 13-12) at Owensville

W 42-40
. Thu, 1/13/2011
8:30 p.m.


vs. Russellville at S. CallawayMS

W 60-37
. Fri, 1/14/2011
5:30 p.m.


vs. Harrisburg, MO at S.Callaway

W 74-73
. Sat, 1/15/2011
5:30 p.m.


vs. New Haven (6-1, 23-4) at S.Callaway

L 29-38
. Tue, 1/18/2011
7:30 p.m.


vs. Chamois

W 48-40
. Tue, 1/25/2011
7:30 p.m.


vs. Warrenton (0-4, 5-18) at Hermann

W 54-47
. Thu, 1/27/2011
6 p.m.


vs. New Haven (6-1, 23-4) at Hermann

L 25-38
. Sat, 1/29/2011
5:30 p.m.


vs. Chamois

W 48-42
. Sat, 2/5/2011
5 p.m.


vs. Blair Oaks

L 49-57
. Tue, 2/8/2011
7:30 p.m.


vs. New Haven (6-1, 23-4)

L 37-39
. Thu, 2/10/2011
8 p.m.


at Sullivan (4-3, 13-12)

L 39-48
. Fri, 2/11/2011
7:30 p.m.


at Pacific (5-2, 14-12)

L 31-70
. Tue, 2/15/2011
7:30 p.m.


at St. James (4-3, 13-12)

L 39-59
. Fri, 2/18/2011
7:30 p.m.


vs. Owensville (5-2, 14-11)

L 34-43
. Sat, 2/19/2011
7 p.m.


at Borgia (0-0, 19-8)

L 36-76
. Tue, 2/22/2011
7:30 p.m.


at Montgomery County (1-7, 2-15)

W 57-42
. Fri, 2/25/2011
7:30 p.m.


vs. Wright City (3-9, 5-19)

W 43-41
. Tue, 3/1/2011
5:30 p.m.


vs. Southern Boone at St. James

L 52-78

**Boxscore final shows Hermann score first.

All information is as reported by the teams as of 3/5/2011.

Four Rivers Conference Leaders
SCORING LEADERS (Min. 15 Games Played)
NAME School Pts Avg
Ryan Cooper Owensville 460 18.4
Jake Schannuth Hermann 293 16.3
Cody Wideman St. Clair 376 13.9
Marco Romano Pacific 356 13.7
Eli Fleer New Haven 326 12.5
Ryan Coons Union 276 11.5
Ethan Kirchhofer Hermann 292 11.2
Patrick Moody Sullivan 266 10.6
Drew Tucker St. James 265 10.6
Brandon Ford Union 248 10.3
Jake Harlan St. James 255 10.2
Eric Engelbrecht New Haven 243 9.3
Derrick Moore Pacific 233 9.3
Justin Biermann Sullivan 228 9.1
Connor Crosby Owensville 226 9.0
3 POINT LEADERS (Min. 12 3-PT Made)
NAME School 3FG Avg
Ryan Cooper Owensville 66 2.64
Drew Tucker St. James 54 2.16
Ethan Kirchhofer Hermann 47 1.81
Jake Schannuth Hermann 32 1.78
Cody Wideman St. Clair 41 1.52
Craig Winkelmann Hermann 36 1.38
Jake Ford St. James 32 1.28
Patrick Moody Sullivan 29 1.16
Chris Jackson Pacific 25 1.09
Derrick Moore Pacific 27 1.08
Eric Engelbrecht New Haven 27 1.04
Austin Peirick New Haven 26 1.04
Justin Biermann Sullivan 22 0.88
Ryan Coons Union 21 0.88
Bryan Schaefer Union 21 0.88
Neyko Dominguez St. Clair 19 0.76
Austin Coleman Sullivan 19 0.76
Kyle Dulworth St. Clair 19 0.70
Zach Lindemann St. James 17 0.68
Tanner Goodman Owensville 15 0.63
Murray Schwengels Pacific 31 34 91.2
Jake Schannuth Hermann 63 72 87.5
Logan Williams Union 14 16 87.5
Evan Murphy St. Clair 38 47 80.9
Ethan Kirchhofer Hermann 63 78 80.8
Kyle Dulworth St. Clair 19 24 79.2
Ryan Menke New Haven 35 45 77.8
Cody Wideman St. Clair 59 76 77.6
Eric Engelbrecht New Haven 38 49 77.6
Ryan Jones Pacific 69 91 75.8
Jake Harlan St. James 93 124 75.0
Ryan Cooper Owensville 82 110 74.5
Chris Jackson Pacific 35 47 74.5
Lance Gerlemann New Haven 32 43 74.4
Marco Romano Pacific 84 113 74.3
Uriah Heady Sullivan 48 66 72.7
Austin Peirick New Haven 23 32 71.9
Craig Winkelmann Hermann 30 42 71.4
Ryan Coons Union 79 111 71.2
Josh Moore Pacific 11 16 68.8
ASSIST LEADERS (Min. 15 Games Played)
NAME School Ast Avg
Ethan Kirchhofer Hermann 157 6.04
Jake Harlan St. James 147 5.88
Neyko Dominguez St. Clair 94 3.76
Philip Wright Hermann 89 3.42
Ryan Cooper Owensville 84 3.36
Ryan Menke New Haven 86 3.31
Marco Romano Pacific 80 3.08
Craig Winkelmann Hermann 78 3.00
Austin Peirick New Haven 74 2.96
Zach Lindemann St. James 74 2.96
Austin Coleman Sullivan 73 2.92
Chris Jackson Pacific 64 2.78
Cody Wideman St. Clair 75 2.78
Ryan Jones Pacific 62 2.38
Ryan Coons Union 55 2.29
Jake Schannuth Hermann 41 2.28
Jake Shockley St. James 54 2.16
Justin Biermann Sullivan 54 2.16
Jason Kottwitz Owensville 53 2.12
Patrick Moody Sullivan 48 1.92
STEAL LEADERS (Min. 15 Games Played)
NAME School Stl Avg
Ryan Cooper Owensville 72 2.88
Jake Harlan St. James 70 2.80
Justin Biermann Sullivan 56 2.24
Zach Lindemann St. James 52 2.08
Patrick Moody Sullivan 49 1.96
Jack Mueller St. James 48 1.92
Jake Ford St. James 44 1.76
Austin Coleman Sullivan 44 1.76
Cody Wideman St. Clair 46 1.70
Justin Lineback St. James 41 1.64
Danny Jernigan St. James 38 1.52
Blake Fuchs Sullivan 38 1.52
Ryan Coons Union 36 1.50
Jake Shockley St. James 37 1.48
Marco Romano Pacific 38 1.46
T.J. Johnson Union 31 1.41
Shawnee Wright Owensville 33 1.32
Craig Winkelmann Hermann 34 1.31
Ryan Jones Pacific 34 1.31
Neyko Dominguez St. Clair 32 1.28
REBOUND LEADERS (Min. 15 Games Played)
NAME School Rbs Avg
Jake Schannuth Hermann 189 10.5
Brandon Ford Union 206 8.6
Eli Fleer New Haven 218 8.4
Philip Wright Hermann 199 7.7
Connor Crosby Owensville 189 7.6
Marco Romano Pacific 198 7.6
Adam Brott St. Clair 105 5.8
Patrick Moody Sullivan 136 5.4
Brandon York St. Clair 87 5.1
Bryan Schaefer Union 119 5.0
Shawnee Wright Owensville 119 4.8
Justin Biermann Sullivan 120 4.8
Ryan Cooper Owensville 117 4.7
Uriah Heady Sullivan 114 4.6
Justin Lineback St. James 113 4.5
Derrick Moore Pacific 107 4.3
Jack Mueller St. James 104 4.2
Lance Gerlemann New Haven 107 4.1
Jeff Moore St. Clair 107 4.1
T.J. Johnson Union 87 4.0
BLOCKED SHOT LEADERS (Min. 15 Games Played)
NAME School Blk Avg
Brandon Ford Union 149 6.21
Eli Fleer New Haven 56 2.15
Derrick Moore Pacific 36 1.44
Jack Mueller St. James 30 1.20
Connor Crosby Owensville 17 0.68
Justin Lineback St. James 15 0.60
Ricky Meyers Pacific 12 0.52
Devin Arand Union 11 0.50
Bryan Schaefer Union 10 0.42
Jackson Logan Hermann 6 0.38
Chris Savage Union 9 0.38
Jake Schannuth Hermann 6 0.33
Ryan Coons Union 6 0.25
Jake Harlan St. James 6 0.24
Danny Jernigan St. James 6 0.24
Ryan Menke New Haven 6 0.23
George Hinkle III Pacific 6 0.23
Eric Engelbrecht New Haven 5 0.19
T.J. Johnson Union 4 0.18
Stephen Fleming Pacific 4 0.17
All information is as reported by the teams as of 3/5/2011.__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

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iPad 2 Better than Galaxy Tablet Computer Admits Samsung CEO


Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by Newsy.com


Samsung CEO Admits Galaxy Tab is 'Inadequate'

March 5, 2011

The CEO says the iPad 2's pricing and thinner model puts the Galaxy Tab at a disadvantage.

ANCHOR: Jennifer Meckles

You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy

Talk about honesty - Samsung CEO Lee Don-joo admits his company’s Galaxy Tab is “inadequate” to Apple’s iPad 2. (Video Source: The Inquirer)

The CEO tells Yonhap Korean News Agency
the Galaxy Tab needs some work.

"We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate... Apple made [the iPad 2] very thin... The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over."

The 7-inch tablet debuted back in late 2010 - and the 10.1 inch version is set for March - but mum’s the word on its price. A writer for VentureBeat says Samsung needs to get cracking if it wants to fix the bigger model.

“Samsung... probably realizes it will need to compete directly with the iPad 2 when it comes to pricing. It will likely cost Samsung quite a bit to bring its pricing down, but that’s likely what it will take to make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a success.”

But a tech writer for CNN says the CEO was probably referring to future models of the Galaxy Tab and not the current ones. (Video Source: Engadget)

“We feel that a bit of information might have gotten lost in translation from Korean to English, as we definitely don't expect Samsung to pull the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab from the market and release a thinner version.”

Finally a writer for Cult of Mac says Samsung should have known how Apple upgrades its products and should have been better prepared for it.

 “Apple’s modus operandi for product revisions is hardly some sort of arcane mystery: they improve the software, make the device thinner and try to eke out some more battery life. How did Samsung — one of Apple’s biggest component suppliers — get caught off guard by the iPad 2?”

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Hawaiian Electrical Workers Strike During Power Outage


HECO strike: 1,300 workers walk off the job amid outages

By Alan Yonan Jr. and Rob Shikina

 Mar 05, 2011

Hawaiian Electric Co. used managers and outside contractors to repair storm-damaged power lines yesterday after its unionized work force walked off the job over a contract dispute.

HECO executives said the strike would slow efforts to restore service to about 8,000 Oahu homes and businesses, mostly in the Ewa Beach area, that were without power last night.

"We do have management crews out there to see what we can do about the Ewa Beach situation in particular this evening, and we will do our best to restore as much of that service as possible," said Robbie Alm, HECO executive vice president. "I don't want to guarantee that, obviously, we don't have our normal full crews out there."

About 1,300 HECO workers who are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1260 went on strike at 3:30 p.m. yesterday and began walking picket lines on Oahu, the Big Island and in Maui County.

The workers rejected last month a tentative contract agreement reached between union leaders and management, setting the stage for the strike.

HECO workers said the two sides disagreed on a management proposal to raise the age of retirement with full benefits to 62 from 60; a proposed reduction in sick leave benefits; and a plan to create a two-tier contract with new hires receiving lower wages and benefits. There also was a dispute over whether negotiated wage increases should begin with ratification of a new contract or expiration of the previous contract last October. Neither company nor union officials would confirm the sticking points in the contract talks.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie urged HECO workers to make restoring power to all customers their priority.

"I have spoken with leaders of Hawaiian Electric Co. and the union. My thought is that they can set aside their respective positions during this emergency situation until the public's safety is taken care of," the governor said. "The most important thing right now is restoring electric services for residents and ensuring their health and security, then resume negotiations."

Alm said the company and union have been holding contract talks since September. After the most recent negotiating session ended yesterday, the union called the strike, he said. Alm said there is no schedule to return to the table, but the company is ready to do so at any time.

Stanford Ito, IBEW strike captain, said workers did not plan to go on strike on such a busy day for the company and its workers. He said the strike came because HECO president and CEO Richard Rosenblum would not meet with their negotiating team.

"It's just circumstance," Ito said. "It wasn't like a strategic plan to say, 'Yeah, we're going to strike now because the power lines are down.'"

Alm said HECO hired contractors locally and from the mainland in anticipation of a strike. In addition, the company's 1,100 nonunionized workers have been assigned shifts to handle the work formerly done by union members.

"We were, as you can probably guess, preparing ourselves for this, so we do have management crews available and contractors who are assisting us," Alm said.

"We will do our best particularly with critical services and outages, but I do want to ask the public for its patience."

Jason Cosma, who works on utility poles for HECO on Oahu, said he was scheduled to work until midnight but walked off the job in support of the union. Cosma, who was on a picket line yesterday, said he was fighting to preserve benefits such as sick leave and retirement that the company wants to take away.

"We're not asking for more money. It's just respecting what we had," Cosma said. He said striking was the last resort after talks were unproductive since the contract ended in October.

"It's the last thing we all wanted," Cosma said. "We tried for a long time to avoid this."

The striking workers do a range of jobs, including power plant operations, line work, meter reading and customer service. The IBEW represents 54 percent of the company's 2,380 workers on three islands.

Kauai is not affected by the strike because the electricity service there is provided by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative.

Maui County officials said that they had "taken every precaution to prepare for the potential of a MECO strike."

Keith Regan, the county's managing director, has instructed all departments to test their generators and to have all fuel tanks topped off and ready for operation in the unlikely event of a disruption in service, according to a county statement.

Quince Mento, Hawaii County Civil Defense administrator, said Hawaii Electric Light Co. has informed the county that it has more than 100 management personnel to take over operations for striking workers.

"They will do their best to take care of operations," Mento said.

The county's emergency first responders, including police, fire and civil defense, are equipped with backup generators.

The county's Department of Water Supply is also equipped with backup power for its pumps in case of an emergency. Also, most local radio stations also have backup generators, Mento said.

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Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Pulled From Stores Metallic, Mineral taste


Coke pulled from area stores

St. Louis Post-Dispatch  March 4, 2011

Bottles and cans of Coke are being pulled from St. Louis area stores after drinkers reported an off taste.
Several area grocery stores, including Schnucks and Dierbergs, had stocked the soda, which include Coke Classic, Diet Coke and Cherry Coke, in 2-liter bottles and cans.
There are no health or safety issues with the products, only a metallic, mineral taste.
The sodas were made at Coca-Cola Co's Maryland Heights facility.
For refunds, consumers can call 1-800-438-2653.  Schnucks and Dierbergs said customers can return the products to stores for a refund.

__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

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Asian Carp Fish Kill Bald Eagles Feast Mississippi River Near Alton, Illinois, White Pelicans


Biologist: Upside to Alton fish kill for eagles

The Associated Press
Posted on March 5, 2011


ALTON, Ill. (AP) -- Hundreds of dead fish found floating near the Mississippi River city of Alton may not be such a bad thing after all.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineer supervisory wildlife biologist Charlie Deutsch tells KMOX radio that the dead fish found in and near the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary include the invasive Asian carp, as well as shad.
The fish kill means bald eagles that flock to the Alton area each winter to feed will have good meals.
Deutsch says the mass fish die-off happens annually, notably during a winter that's been long and cold.
He adds people are likelier to notice the dead fish this year because the water level at the sanctuary is lower than usual.
Bighead and silver carp have infested parts of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.




Mar 4, 2011
There is a conservation area near West Alton Illinois on the Mississippi River. This large congregation of migrating American White Pelicans have stopped on the river to rest, forage, and socialize. They are heading northwest to breed and spend the summer.


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BP Gulf Oil Well Blowout Cornstarch Oobleck Solution May Have Plugged Gusher ?


Could Cornstarch Have Plugged BP's Oil Well?

 March 5, 2011

While you were thumbing through your Feb. 4 issue of Physical Review Letters, perhaps you noticed the article titled "Viscoelastic Suppression of Gravity-Driven Counterflow Instability."
OK, maybe not. But it was actually worth a look. It turns out the article describes how engineers might have been able to stop the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico last year using a child's plaything: oobleck. It's a weird mixture of cornstarch and water. When it moves slowly, it flows like a liquid. Move it fast, and it freezes into a solid.
The idea of using oobleck came to Jonathan Katz, a physics professor at Washington University in St. Louis, last May. He was on a small group of experts that U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu pulled together to advise him about the catastrophe.
So Katz was on hand when BP tried to stop the well by pumping a dense fluid called drilling mud down it — the so-called top-kill approach. It failed.
"We'd predicted that [would fail], so we were disappointed like everybody else was, but not enormously surprised," Katz says. "And so I was scratching my head and saying, 'Is there some solution to this problem?' " 
Oobleck Vs. Oil
The problem, as Katz saw it, was that oil and gas blasting up the well tended to break up the drilling mud into fine particles, and a light mist like that ends up getting shot up the pipe and dumped onto the seafloor.
Katz wondered whether there was some kind of fluid that wouldn't immediately be dispersed into tiny particles when it encountered the rapidly flowing oil.
"I realized after a while that cornstarch suspension — oobleck, the kids call it — has this wonderful property that if it's not flowing rapidly, it's a liquid that flows pretty well," Katz says. "But if you try to make it flow rapidly, it suddenly turns stiff and it doesn't flow at all."
Oobleck versus a stream of bubbling hot oil? Really? Yep.
"I made some rough estimates; it looked like it was going to work," Katz says.
And Katz had an inside track here — being on the energy secretary's advisory panel, he participated in daily telephone briefings and frequent e-mail exchanges. He had about as much access as you could hope.
"So I certainly sent it to everybody on the lists. I don't know who read it — you can never tell," he says.
But Katz was dismissed from the panel shortly thereafter because of some controversial social opinions on his website. Even so, Katz says he still dreamed that his solution could solve the problem and end in triumph. Of course it didn't work out that way.
"I don't fault the pros," he says. "They have a toolbox; they use the tools in their toolbox. This isn't the place to do physics experiments, especially one that would cost quite a bit of money."
Cornstarch is cheap, but the rest of the operation would not be.
"And of course the drilling mud industry isn't used to mixing cornstarch into their stuff, so it was completely new for them," he says. "It wasn't something they had available in their tanks ready to go. They would have had to prepare a custom solution and take it out to the well."
A Pumping Problem
And that was not going to happen. Instead, after BP stopped the well through more conventional means, Katz and some associates at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory did a small-scale experiment with the cornstarch mixture and mineral oil.
They report in that Physical Review Letters article that it performed as Katz had predicted under these highly idealized circumstances. Whether it would have worked in the real world is an open question. Prof. Steve Wereley, who teaches fluid dynamics at Purdue University, says the concept is clever.
"The problem with using something like cornstarch and water is getting it where it needs to be," Wereley says.
You'd have to pump a lot of it, fast, into the well if it's going to work. And there might be trouble pumping it — remember, oobleck gets stiff when it's put under pressure.
"It would tend to create that same reaction when you're trying to pump it down the hole."
Wereley calculates that you'd have to pump it so slowly that you couldn't get it down the hole faster than the oil was rushing up. And that's a big problem.
A BP spokeswoman told NPR their engineers reviewed the idea and decided it wouldn't work. But Katz still figures it's a good idea worth exploring for the next time an oil well is running completely out of control.
. Click Here to Read More.


Make Your Own Oobleck

Oobleck is remarkably easy to make: Just combine 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water.
Slowly stir in the cornstarch into the water. Mix slowly — you'll find that the more aggressive the stirring, the harder it is.
Add a few drops of food coloring if you wish.


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