Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM: The City Of Hermann, Missouri

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a general election will be held in the City of Hermann, Gasconade County, Missouri, on  
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As a public service to the Citizens of Hermann Missouri-- Hermann MO News-- has Posted (5) Different public notices' of filing periods for (11) various positions in the upcoming, April 5, 2011 election.

Filing for these offices will open on Tue., Dec. 14, 2010 at 8:00 a.m.  Filing will close at 5:00 p.m. on Tue., Jan. 18, 2011.


Please Note: Hermann MO News is not expecting nor receiving any monies, favors or considerations for running these ads!!!  No one has a Vested Interest nor is anyone associated with Hermann MO News running for any of the offices listed!!!
This is strictly a PUBLIC SERVICE.

Thank you for visiting 

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REAL BREAKING NEWS: BUSTED AGAIN - Dealer of major marijuana operation in parts of Franklin, Gasconade, and Montgomery Counties back in 2002 Busted again


https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/baseCase # 10AB-CR02527 
Charges were issued Wednesday, December 1, 2010, against Robert Kline, 57, following his arrest this week for possession of marijuana. Kline, who was on federal supervision following his release from prison in January, was taken into custody by Franklin County Narcotics officers and Sullivan police at a Sullivan home.

During Kline's arrest, he was found in possession of more than 35 grams of marijuana (reported to be nearly half a pound), a felony. While not enough to warrant much attention from federal authorities, it likely will lead him back to prison.  As of Wednesday, Kline was being held in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Kline was involved in a major marijuana operation in parts of Franklin, Gasconade, and Montgomery Counties in 2002.  That operation was said to include approximately 300 plants.  He was Sentenced in March 2003 to a 10 year Federal Prison Term.


Kline was first arrested for growing marijuana "fields" along the Missouri river that were located in Montgomery, Warren, Franklin and Gasconade counties in 2002.

Authorities seized hundreds of pounds of high-grade marijuana and arrested three men in what some investigators called one of the largest marijuana growing operations uncovered in years in the Franklin, Gasconade, and Montgomery Counties area. The suspects were taken into custody as they returned from harvesting some of their crop, around midnight Friday, September 20, 2002.

Investigators discovered 8 "fields" or plots of marijuana at different spots along both sides of the Missouri river.

Each plot contained between 25 and 50 plants. Authorities were estimating that each plant would yield about two pounds of "premium" marijuana.

Investigators had watched the men launch a boat from the City of Hermann, Missouri river access about 6:30 p.m. and return about 10:30 p.m. When they left the river, one man was seen carrying a large trash bag from the boat to a car. The men then left in the car and a pickup truck hauling the boat.

Investigators then followed the men to the Gasconade river landing at Gasconade where they put the boat back into the river and left. One of the suspects, who remained at the landing with the vehicles, was taken into custody. In the car, officers found a large bag containing about 50 pounds of marijuana.

A short time later, officers watching one of the fields observed the suspects at the site, taking cuttings from some of the plants. They were allowed to leave on the assumption that they were returning to the boat ramp where other officers already were in position.

When the suspects returned to the Gasconade boat ramp almost two hours after departing, one of the men got out of the boat and went to back the trailer into the water. He was taken into custody, and an officer then took his place, backing the trailer down the ramp to retrieve the boat.

When the boat was pulled from the water, officers approached the pilot, Kline, who was said to be holding a flashlight in one hand and a clump of marijuana buds in the other, according to reports.

As officers approached, Kline allegedly threw the marijuana away, but it was thrown directly at an officer. At his feet in the boat was a bag filled with approximately 35 pounds of freshly cut marijuana, investigators said.

Following the arrests, officers executed search warrants at Kline's home in Sullivan and at a mobile home he owns at a lake development in Washington county, authorities said. Drug paraphernalia and equipment used in indoor growing operations was seized at both locations.

Investigators believe Kline and the other suspects used the equipment to start the plants from seeds in late winter and early spring, then transplanted the young plants to the fields in early summer. Detectives suspect the harvested marijuana was processed at the mobile home.

Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said investigators received information about the growing operation about two months ago prior.




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Hot Holiday Toy - Stores Nationwide are Selling Out of Squinkies.


One of the hottest holiday toys is the brainchild of a company based Minnesota.

Stores nationwide are selling out of Squinkies, squishy pencil topper toys enclosed in plastic bubbles.  

Part of the popularity of Squinkies are their price - $10 for a 16-piece bubble pack.


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Ohio Family's home crushed by tons of corn (video report)


An Ohio family is looking for a place to live after their rental home was buried by a "sea of corn" overnight.

Cassy Williams clung to the only comfort she could find after the weight of tons of corn destroyed her home.

"I was on the couch at the time. I was thrown to the floor from the force of it," Williams said.

Cassy and fiancee Joseph Lyons scrambled to salvage whatever belongings they could after a neighboring silo sent an avalanche of corn into their home.

"Everything we had for our children's Christmas is destroyed, said Lyons. "We're going to have to start over from scratch."

For six years the couple and their two children rented in the shadow of the grain bin and silos.

They made ends meet during hard times and were on the verge of getting a place of their own.

"We have Christmas and two birthdays coming up and we don't know what we'll do," Williams said.

It was either an explosion or failure in the walls of the loaded grain bin that caused the collapse.

Outside, children played in the grain like it was snow as bulldozers and front-end loaders move the weighty drifts of corn to waiting semis.

"For 26 years, I often told my husband it's only a matter of time before one of those falls and today was the day," said neighbor Sue Salmon.

Whatever fears neighbors had were not shared with the fire department.

The grain storage is owned by a local farm co-op.

The grain bin can be rebuilt.

The Williams' home is a total loss.

However, they have each other this holiday season and for that they are thankful.



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Evil Google YouTube starts Blacklists Censors WikiLeaks story coverage on InfoWars.com and Prison Planet.com

Paul Joseph Watson
In a damning new lurch towards web censorship, Google’s news aggregator has blacklisted Prison Planet and Infowars despite the fact that both websites are internationally known and now attract more traffic than many mainstream media websites, while Google-owned You Tube has frozen the Alex Jones Channel based on a spurious complaint about showing Wikileaks footage that has been carried on hundreds of other You Tube channels for months.

After carrying our content for years, Google News last week purged Prison Planet and Infowars from its aggregator system, ensuring that our stories no longer appear alongside the likes of CNN and Fox News in a frightening early salvo in the move towards a tiered Internet that favors large corporations while independent voices are strangled.

Only smaller sites that re-post Prison Planet content have appeared in Google searches since early November, proving that the campaign is a deliberate effort on behalf of Google to restrict traffic to Alex Jones’ websites. Our stories have been linked almost every day on the Drudge Report for the past three weeks, as our readership figures soar past numerous corporate media websites that are carried by Google News. We are clearly a legitimate and internationally recognized news outlet and yet Google has blacklisted us because it disagrees with our political viewpoints.

In addition, Google-owned You Tube yesterday moved to freeze the popular Alex Jones Channel, which has well over 100,000 subscribers and has had over 75 million views. You Tube made a spurious claim that the channel had violated “community guidelines” by posting a segment from the infamous Wikileaks Apache footage, when the footage is in fact posted in greater length on hundreds of other You Tube channels, including Al Jazeera, Russia Today and CBS News.

Google Blacklists Prison Planet.com 301110top2
Double standards: You Tube targets the Alex Jones Channel for showing a brief segment of a video that appears on hundreds of other You Tube channels, including CBS News and Russia Today.
When we responded to You Tube by pointing out that the Wikileaks footage in question appeared in multiple places elsewhere on You Tube in far greater length and detail, and that it was not vulgar or offensive but a real incident that was of clear public concern which was posted under fair use (USC Title 17, Section 106A-117), You Tube reacted by freezing uploading privileges for the account while also threatening to terminate it entirely.

You Tube is essentially sending a message that if you disagree with their decision, your claim won’t be considered, you will simply be punished to an even greater degree.


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Ecuador Government offers WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, unconditional asylum


The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is tonight facing growing legal problems around the world, with the US announcing that it was investigating whether he had violated its espionage laws.

Friends said earlier that Assange was in a buoyant mood, however, despite the palpable fury emanating from Washington over the decision by WikiLeaks to start publishing more than a quarter of a million mainly classified US cables. He was said to be at a secret location somewhere outside London, along with fellow hackers and WikiLeaks enthusiasts.

In contrast to previous WikiLeaks releases, Assange has, on this occasion, kept a relatively low profile. His attempt to give an interview to Sky News via Skype was thwarted today by a faulty internet connection.
    But he was able to give an interview to Time magazine in which he called for Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, to resign. "She should resign, if it can be shown that she was responsible for ordering US diplomatic figures to engage in espionage in the United Nations, in violation of the international covenants to which the US has signed up. Yes, she should resign over that," he said.   Assange's reluctance to emerge in public is understandable. It comes amid a rapid narrowing of his options. Several countries are currently either taking – or actively considering – aggressive legal moves against him. This lengthening list includes Sweden, Australia and now the US – but so far as can be made out, not Britain.   Assange has previously suggested he might find sanctuary in Switzerland.  More promising perhaps is Ecuador, whose leftist government unexpectedly offered him asylum on Monday. "We are ready to give him residence in Ecuador, with no problems and no conditions," Ecuador's foreign minister, Kintto Lucas, said.   At the very least, Ecuador could offer Assange a new passport. He might need one.  Yesterday Australia's attorney general, Robert McClelland, said Australian police were also investigating whether any Australian laws had been broken by the latest WikiLeaks release.   In reality, Assange's predicament may not be as hopeless as it seems. The US would be hard pressed to make charges against him stick, experts suggest. "There have been so few cases under the Espionage Act, you can put them on one hand," said David Banisar, senior legal counsel for the campaigning group Article 19 and an expert on free speech in the US.  "There is the practical problem that most of the information published by WikiLeaks wasn't secret. Then there is the debate about whether the documents were properly classified – there are detailed rules in the US about what can and cannot be classified.". Click Here for more info.



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Hapless Senator Admits Obvious: Political Process a Rigged Game...more silence from corporate media


Kurt Nimmo

 Colorado Democrat Senator Michael Bennet made the mistake of admitting what many of us already know – the political process in the district of criminals is a rigged game.

“It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Bennet over an open C-Span mic during debate on the Food Safety Act. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.”

Soon after Bennet made his comment, an aide realized the C-Span microphone was open and switched it off. Senate floor microphones are usually turned off during debate.

Bennet Chief of Staff Guy Cecil told The Daily Caller that the senator stands by his comments. “The whole process being rigged against having a real conversation about tax cuts, the estate tax and the defense authorization. We’re not having a lot of those conversations. It’s just a symptom of Washington being broken,” Cecil said outside the Senate chamber.

The political process is not broken. It is working exactly as the elite want. Taxes, defense authorization, and virtually every other political issue taken up by Congress is decided by the financial elite well before it is discussed on the Senate floor. Congress is a dog and pony show designed to make the plebs believe they live in a democracy where they actually have a say.

“While people have recognized for more than 150 years that the rich and powerful often corrupt individual officials, or exert undue influence to get legislation passed that favors their interests, most Americans still cling to the naive belief that such corruption is exceptional, and that most of the institutions of society, the courts, the press, and law enforcement agencies, still largely comply with the Constitution and the law in important matters,” the Constitution Society noted in 1994.

They expect that these corrupting forces are disunited and in competition with one another, so that they tend to balance one another…. Mounting evidence makes it clear that the situation is far worse than most people think, that during the last several decades the U.S. Constitution has been effectively overthrown, and that it is now observed only as a fa├žade to deceive and placate the masses. What has replaced it is what many call the Shadow Government. It still, for the most part, operates in secret, because its control is not secure.
Occasionally the shadowy machinations of the secret government and the elite are exposed, as in the case of Michael Bennet’s comments.

The corporate media, of course, ignored Bennet’s comment. The Washington Examiner and the Grand Junction Sentinel reported the story, but across the corporate media the story received a stony silence.

Instead of reporting how the political system really works, the corporate media continues to orchestrate high-tech bread and circuses and high definition distractions.





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WikiLeaks Fallout - Should Hillary Clinton Resign? Ouch!


Should Hillary Clinton resign as secretary of state due to the WikiLeaks revelations? My friend Jack Shafer at Slate makes a good case. His reason: Clinton, like predecessor Condoleezza Rice, signed orders instructing U.S. foreign service officers to spy on the diplomats of other nations. Cables went out under her name telling State Department officials overseas to collect the fingerprints, facial images, DNA, and iris scans of African leaders, to obtain passwords, credit card numbers, and frequent flyer accounts used by foreign diplomats, and to gather private information on United Nations officials, including Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Diplomats are not spies (though spies do pose as diplomats). They do collect information -- by working contacts overseas, reviewing the local media, interacting with the population of the nations where they are stationed -- often acquiring intelligence that is as valuable, if not more so, than the secrets snatched by intelligence officials. But there is a line between a diplomat and a spook. The former uses aboveboard methods to find out what his or her government needs to know about other nations; the latter resorts to espionage, wiretaps, bribery, and other underhanded means. There are many reasons for keeping the two roles distinct. Diplomats are awarded immunity and can gain certain access overseas because they are not spies.

. Click Here for more info.



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So-so fan support dooms Mizzou to so-so bowl

Oct. 24, 2010: Missouri fans storm onto Faurot Field at the conclusion of the Tigers' 36-27 victory over Oklahoma. Attendance for the OU game was a season-high 71,004.
BY JEFF GORDON www.STLtoday.com |

Year after year, the bowl selection process slights the Missouri football program.

Year after year, lesser teams – like Kansas and Iowa State from the Big 12 Conference – earn invitations to better bowl games.

Year after year, Mizzou fans complain about this travesty. And year after year Mizzou fans fail to support the Tigers to the maximum, thus perpetuating the problem.

They have only themselves to blame for this annual aggravation. 

Missouri football has a lot of loyal supporters, but it needs more.
Bowl scouts eyeing the Missouri-Kansas game noticed all those empty seats at Arrowhead Stadium. Sure, Kansas fans bailed on their team and killed ticket sales.

But why didn’t Tiger fans pick up the slack and fill the stadium? 

Where were the front-runners when the school needed them?

And as colleague Vahe Gregorian reported in his excellent analytical piece, bowl officials are well aware of Missouri’s history of tepid bowl game ticket sales. The Tigers don’t “travel well,” as they say in the business.

So Mizzou is destined for second- or third-tier bowl relegation again this season, despite winning 10 games and knocking off then-No. 1 Oklahoma.

The Tigers also earned victories over bowl-bound Texas A&M, Kansas State, Illinois and San Diego State. Their losses came on the road to bowl-bound Nebraska and Texas Tech.

The computers loved Missouri’s work this season, helping the Tigers rise to 12th in the latest BCS standings. The sportswriters and coaches respected them in their polls, too.

Coach Gary Pinkel proudly cites his program’s 40 wins over the last four years, which ranks Mizzou among the nation’s best during that span.

But college football is not a meritocracy. It is a really big business – and that is where the Missouri falls well short of the power schools.
. Click Here for more info.

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Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank merger - new name - The Missouri Bank - officially set for Feb 21, 2011


 The merger between The Missouri Bank and Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank was approved the week before Thanksgiving by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Warren County Bancshares is the holding company for both banking systems, and under the merger Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank will change its name to The Missouri Bank. The change is set to take place Feb. 21, 2011.

Harold Bakameyer, president and CEO of Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank, who started in banking with The Missouri Bank, will remain as president of the local facility.

Current employees and the bank board will remain the same.
Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank has facilities at three locations, and The Missouri Bank has facilities in Warrenton, Wentzville and Foristell.

B-H-B is starting the 100th year of its founding. The bank was chartered in October 1911 as the State Bank of Bay. The charter was moved to Hermann in 1978 and the name 

Bank Holding Company (Regulatory Top Holder): Warren County Bancshares, Inc. (RSSDID: 1138393, Location: Warrenton, MO)

Read more: http://www.faqs.org/banks/Bay-Hermann-Berger-Bank-18127-Hermann-Missouri.html#top#ixzz16FiD8yQA

FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE The Missouri Bank in Warrenton, Missouri (MO)
FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE Bay-Hermann-Berger Bank in Hermann, Missouri (MO)

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