Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yardsellr New Virtual Yard Sale Online - Hermann Mo News Offers Direct Link

You Can Find the Yardsellr Widget/Ad here on Hermann Mo News in the Right hand Column of the web page.

Yardsellr CEO Daniel Leffel and his team 

Yardsellr offers virtual yard sale online

San Antonio Business Journal - by Donna J. Tuttle

What if you could shop at a yard sale without leaving the warmth of your bed at 7 a.m.? What if you didn’t have to forage through piles of yellowed Tupperware containers and broken tortilla warmers to find the antique bracelet or crystal salad bowl for which you’ve been yearning?
Yardsellr, a new social commerce platform founded by a San Antonio native, operates as a virtual yard sale on Facebook.
Sellers list their wares at fixed prices in certain “blocks” or categories (of which there are 4,000) such as: art, jewelry, gadgets, etc.
Buyers can “like” these blocks on Facebook to receive a parade of items for sale directly in their Facebook news stream.
The most popular blocks are guitars, Star Wars collectibles and designer handbags.
So, for example, if you simply must have the Endor/Ewok Complete Galaxy playset for $7.50, you could “like” it, ask your friends to comment on it, and then — if the force is with you — snap it up from seller Larry Pitts in Mississippi.
As it turns out, women in their 30s make up the largest chunk of the platform’s customer base.
Unlike eBay, sellers do not pay a fee for listing their treasures. Yardsellr makes its money off the purchaser by charging a 10 percent “Yardsellr” slice. Buying involves a typical online credit card transaction. For example, a $9 ring would include $5.25 shipping and handling fee and a $1 Yardsellr for a total of $15.25.
“Yardsellr received early traction in San Antonio with great sellers like Evon Lopez and Yvette Casas — people who are making hand-crafted goods,” says Olivia Hine, spokesperson with Yardsellr. “We estimate though that there are over 50,000 people in San Antonio that have joined, or liked, Yardsellr blocks on Facebook.”
Often dubbed the eBay of Facebook without the auctions, Yardsellr was founded by former eBay employees. Yardsellr CEO Daniel Leffel, a former manager at eBay, was born and raised in the Alamo City. He graduated from Clark High School and attended, but did not graduate, from Trinity University.
Leffel’s mother, Anita Leffel, is an entrepreneurship professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. You can find her on Twitter @anitaleffel.
Yardsellr fan count on Facebook has passed the 2 million mark across all categories. A new feature allows sellers to buy more traffic.
San Antonio seller Casas says she started using Yardsellr as a way to sell items from her husband Joe’s online retail store, Breannasstore2.com.
“We were having a hard time even building a Web site, so Yardsellr was an easy way to start getting some items out there,” Casas says. “We like the personal aspect of the platform because people can like certain categories and our merchandise will show up in their stream. Mickey Mouse is a strong category for us. We’ve sold a lot of jewelry, watches and other Mickey items.”
Yardsellr officials say that the Facebook platform offers sellers a unique “sales channel with a built-in community and a fun way for them to connect with real people via their Facebook profile.”

Yardsellr Mission Statement:

Yardsellr believes that people are natural born buyers and sellers. In the tradition of neighborhood garage- and yard-sales, we make it easy for you to list and sell, or find and buy whatever you want. Best of all, the buying and selling is done by regular people like you. That means you get great prices from folks you can trust within your network or within a friend's network. When you put something up for sale, Yardsellr will spread the word about your item within your online "neighborhood" - social and messaging networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google to start. (We'll be adding more ways to spread the word about what you have for sale, so stay tuned.) Yardsellr makes it easy to show your stuff for sale to potential buyers no matter where they are online. For the buyer, it's just as easy. Yardsellr knows that destination sites like Craigslist and eBay have become pretty crowded and hard to use. It's tough to know who you can trust and even harder to find great deals from everyday people. Our "For Sale" page is available anywhere online where a buyer is hanging out. And checkout is a breeze for buyers and sellers. Great deals are only a click or two away when you discover and buy with Yardsellr.
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