Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011
Hermann Missouri 175 Year Anniversary 1836-2011

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2nd Amendment Rights Violated: Firearm ‘open carry’ lawsuit filed in Michigan Against Warren Police and City VIDEO

Big Brother Jack Boot Crack Down: Firearm ‘open carry’ lawsuit filed in Michigan by
Jeffery Haman, 54

Firearm ‘open carry’ lawsuit filed against Warren police WITH VIDEO


A Warren man who is an advocate for firearm “open carry” practices is suing the city and its police department, claiming officers violated his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Jeffery Haman, 54, seeks a $100,000 judgment and $500,000 in punitive or exemplary damages, as part of the lawsuit he filed recently in U.S. District Court.

With a semi-automatic pistol holstered at his waist, Haman, a former firearms dealer, was walking home from a local drug store at 12 Mile and Hoover roads in August 2009 when a patrolman quickly drove up to him.
VIDEO: Big Brother Jack Boot Crack Down, Firearm ‘open carry’ lawsuit filed in Michigan

This encounter occurred in the city of Warren. Haman was simply walking down the street and the next thing he knows he has 3 police cars surrounding him and he has an officer pointing a gun at him. He is searched, pistol taken, wallet taken, and before a verbal tongue lashing he is cuffed and the officer dragged him up by the cuffs behind his back making his knees bloody. Out of 3 cars they would only provide him the only police car pointed at the street. Not only that the audio in the first several minutes is obviously censored with white noise. The same period where he was at gunpoint and dragged on the ground!

“At the first instant where I could see through the open passenger window, he had a gun pointed at me,” he said. “Then he came to a stop. As soon as I saw the gun, I put my hands up.”

Haman was ordered to lie on his stomach, with his hands outstretched. The officer handcuffed him and three additional officers in two patrol cars arrived.

“I asked him what his reason was for stopping me. He said, ‘You’re walking down the street with a gun.’ I said, ‘That’s perfectly legal, I’m open carrying.’”

Police took the .45 caliber handgun and his ammunition, and asked if he had documentation for the weapon. Haman said he showed a purchase receipt and a concealed-weapon permit although it’s not required for open carry.

In a police video of the incident, an officer is heard telling Haman: “You should at least call us and tell us what you’re doing. Walking around like this is just going to get you hurt somehow.

“You’re just asking for trouble, brother.”

In his lawsuit, Haman claims the four officers violated his Second Amendment, free speech and due process rights, and that he was a victim of false imprisonment and assault and battery.

Haman was released at the scene and was not formally charged with a crime.

The Warren man said he has been trained to handle weapons since age 14, held a federal license to deal firearms from 1985-91, and has openly packed heat since late 2007.

His reason? “Self defense,” he said.

The retiree said his home was burglarized prior to moving to Warren in 2000 and a convicted felon threatened by phone in 1992 to kill him.

In 2008, Haman helped organize an open carry picnic at Veterans Park in Warren. Organizers notified the city’s top police administrators and commanders in advance. Several observed the event attended by about 75 gun-toting advocates and their families.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green, who along with former commissioner William Dwyer are defendants in the lawsuit, said Friday he had just received a copy but had not read it yet.

Green declined to comment on the specifics of the allegations. He said police officials consult with the city’s attorneys whenever new laws are enacted so that police are aware of potential changes to law enforcement practices. He cited Michigan’s medical marijuana statute as an example.

“We have to train and educate our troops when things like this happen,” said Green, “and we certainly do.”

Click Here to Read More and See Video.

POOR RICHARD SAYS: TROOPS???????????? They are First Responders, i.e. police officers.  Troops are: (military) soldiers collectively.

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